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At KEBA, the focus is on an agile and transparent way of working. We see ourselves as a KEBA sales team in every industry, working together and setting common goals both nationally and internationally and then pursuing them in the respective area of responsibility. This requires people with experience who like to work independently and take responsibility.

Entry: A basic technical education is a prerequisite in sales at KEBA. It is ideal if you would like to develop further from a technician in the direction of sales and/or have already gained extensive experience in sales in the respective industry.

Onboarding: When a new employee joins us (nationally and internationally), we take enough time to familiarise the new team member well with Linz and to get to know products and solutions. The next step is to accompany sales colleagues and get to know the work with the customer on site. As a new employee, you decide for yourself when you are ready to take on responsibility.

A sales manager at KEBA has different focuses and challenges depending on the product and industry.

Sales Manager Industrial Automation

It's different in the area of industrial automation. Our customer solutions here have a very broad product portfolio. From the individual controller to the motor/drive to the operating device including visualisation and IoT system.

What each customer needs is very individual, which means that we are very much in solution selling. Knowing and understanding the customer and his challenges well and finding a holistic solution together with him is the main focus for the sales manager. The broad product portfolio and the open system of KEBA solutions in the software make it possible to work here in customising with major customers.

As a sales manager in industrial automation, you can use your strengths in long-term strategic customer development. As a customer consultant with good technical know-how on the one hand and coordinator of internal developers and technicians on the other, you need very good coordination and communication skills. If you enjoy this and would like to drive something forward, this is the right job for you!

At KEBA you have a lot of opportunities. There are always opportunities to develop further. In 16 years at KEBA, I have developed from supplier quality management to Sales Manager Industrial Automation to Managing Director of KEBA India.

Armin Mühleder
General Manager KEBA India

Sales Manager Handover Automation

In the field of handover automation, our sales staff focus on solution-oriented sales in order to build long-term customer relationships. The overall solution consists of hardware, software and services & operations. For example, Österreichische Post AG has 500 parcel automation systems from KEBA in use, with both the hardware and the software being from KEBA.

Our product has many competitors, including from Asia and also Eastern Europe. However, KEBA is able to stand out here with its parcel automation solutions, especially due to the services and ongoing technological developments of the products.

I have built up a business relationship with my customers over many years and for me it is a great success to accompany them on the market for a long time and to support them in their further developments and to always find new solutions for them in order to remain attractive.

Martin Schwarz
General Manager at KEBA

Sales Manager eMobility

Those who want to support us in eMobility sales focus on maintaining existing customers and winning new ones. The field of electromobility is still very young and is becoming increasingly broad. That's why we are focused on area sales here. New regions and countries are constantly being opened up with a focus on the B2B sector, which requires the strategic cooperation of the entire team. Although the competition is big, our sales managers have many arguments in favour of our product.

It is fun to sell the product. Our wallbox has a high quality and is very reliable in use. In addition, the wallbox is not only purchased at KEBA, but manufactured in-house from the bottom up - this makes us unique on the market, as the entire technical know-how is in one hand.

Werner Gruber
Sales Manager at KEBA

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