Milestone in the history of electric mobility at KEBA

100,000 charging stations sold

The Austrian automation company KEBA has been active in the electric mobility market since 2009. The company is now celebrating the biggest milestone in its electric mobility history - 100,000 charging stations sold! The golden “anniversary wall box” went to Swedish e-mobility provider Clever Sweden AB and was just recently installed in Sweden.

From basic charging station to globally sold intelligent charging station
When KEBA presented its first prototype of a KeContact charging station for electric vehicles ten years ago, electric mobility was just a niche technology. At the time KEBA CEO Gerhard Luftensteiner stated, “With charging stations for environmentally friendly traffic we have created a promising field for our future.”

A lot has changed since then. The first charging stations were developed further and transformed into complete system solutions consisting of both hardware and software. This proved successful due to KEBA’s ability to bundle in-depth knowledge of electronics with experience in automated machine building and, as a result, expertise in both security technology and payment solutions. Today the KEBA charging station is an intelligent infrastructure solution for electric mobility with numerous communication interfaces which allow, for example, integration with smart homes or photovoltaic systems as well as intelligent charging.

Rapid development of electric mobility
Scientists predict that the electric mobility breakthrough will occur in the next two to seven years and that the electric car will ultimately prevail thanks to improvements in range and the constant release of new models by automobile manufacturers. Due to exponential growth in this business sector, KEBA was able to sell and deliver 35,000 charging stations in the last fiscal year (April 2017 to March 2018). KEBA sold 600 charging stations within the first two years of entering the electric mobility market. It now sells 6,000 every month.

Milestone: 100,000th charging station
The 100,000th KEBA charging station was just sold. The anniversary wall box was delivered to KEBA’s customer Clever in Sweden, an electric mobility provider that has made a name for itself mainly due to its business model and holistic approach in the industry.

According to Fredrik Nordin, CEO of Clever Sweden AB, “We sell mobility and see ourselves as a full-service electric mobility provider. This includes offering our customers stress-free and easy solutions such as, for example, a flat-rate for owners who charge their electric cars either at home or in the public network of Clever. This business model is revolutionary in the electric mobility market”. “The high quality and reliability of KEBA charging stations have impressed us time and time again. We are proud to have installed the 100,000th wall box for one of our customers here in Sweden,” adds Fredrik Nordin.

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Gerhard Luftensteiner, CEO KEBA AG

Anne Petersson, Product Manager at Clever Sverige AB and Nina Lang, Marketing Communications Energy at KEBA

Fredrik Nordin, CEO, Clever Sweden AB

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