Information on the current "Corona" situation

In connection with the "Coronavirus Covid-19", we are currently experiencing an extraordinary situation that challenges us all. The measures taken by the governments in Austria and in other countries are becoming more stringent every day. It can be said that at the moment an exceptional situation prevails in Austria.

Our sympathies go out to the people affected and ill by this unforeseen event, and we appreciate the work of health professionals, local communities and governments around the world who are at the forefront of efforts to contain the coronavirus.

We very much welcome the fact that the Austrian government is consistently taking measures to contain the spread of the virus on the one hand, and is also trying to keep the economy alive on the other. The corona crisis is leading to massive restrictions in the globally operating industry. In this situation, KEBA is characterized by a special cohesion, a high level of mutual support and the consistent implementation of measures - both in the health and operational areas. Under the motto "Together we can", we are using all our strength to overcome this situation for and together with our customers, partners and suppliers and our employees.

We would be pleased to provide you with an overview of the activities and measures in our company and hope that this will also further strengthen the trust in KEBA.

  1. Since mid-January, KEBA has been intensively dealing with the topic "Coronavirus" (SARS-CoV2; COVID-19). As an immediate reaction to the worsening situation in China, a comprehensive KEBA corona task force was set up on January 27, 2020, which has continuously monitored the situation regarding the corona virus and derived measures.

  2. Ensuring the well-being of our employees, customers and partners has always been our top priority. We would be happy to provide you with a detailed overview of all our measures (travel restrictions, hygiene measures, access restrictions, risk assessment, etc.).

  3. We have maintained open and transparent communication with our employees from the very beginning: they are constantly informed and actively involved. We are also in close contact and exchange with our customers and partners.

  4. We are also working intensively to continuously assess our business relationships and to develop measures. The transport and movement restrictions imposed in China and the extended New Year holidays had an impact on procurement and the supply chain. Due to the current situation in the European countries, supply chains in Europe are now also affected. In order to deal with these correctly, a special task force has been set up to monitor and evaluate this situation on an ongoing basis. It takes appropriate measures and works with all available means to keep the impact as low as possible

  5. Our production is unaffected and ensures that the output is as continuous as possible. Despite all these measures, however, we can no longer rule out the possibility of postponement of deliveries, partly in the short term and partly in the medium term. As a KEBA customer, you will be informed of any effects on your deliveries.

  6. We are working hard to maintain our service agreements with you, Service, Maintenance & Repair. At present, we cannot seriously estimate to what extent we will be able to maintain our support structure (hotline support, spare parts logistics, rollout services, on-site service, ...) to the usual extent in the near future. At the moment, this is still quite possible, but in view of the exceptional circumstances, this may unfortunately change.

  7. Our internal emergency plans have been rolled out and allow us to secure operations for the moment. And we were able to respond very well to the appeal of the Austrian government to enable employees to work from home, as we as a company are experienced in mobile and self-responsible work. Currently, more than half of the employees at the Austrian locations work digitally. And our dedicated product employees contribute daily to ensuring that we can supply our customers even under these special and challenging circumstances.

We will inform you immediately of any changes that affect you as a KEBA customer or partner. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your trust and understanding, even if restrictions may occur in the near future.

If you need anything, your usual contact persons at KEBA will be happy to assist you. If you have general questions in connection with the Covid-19 coronavirus and KEBA, please contact our company spokeswoman Katarina Weissengruber [email protected]

For the next few days, we wish you all the best, stay healthy!

Together we can.

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