Automotive test benches

We get your innovation in motion

Control and drive technology for test tasks

Shortened development cycles demand modern tools.
We support you with our high-performance control and drive technology for your individual testing scenarios. Hardware-in-the-loop, load test benches, powertrain, or e-mobility. We achieve the highest dynamics from small to large motors.
Let’s look ahead to the future together!

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Scalable solutions on control and drive level
  • One single platform for highly diverse motor types
  • Powerful firmware for low-latency setpoint settings

Technical highlights

Graphic green and gray gearwheels mesh with each other.
  • Power range from 1.5 – to 450 Amps, parallel mode for higher demand possible
  • High overload capability
  • Up to 16 kHz output switching frequency
  • Support for all field bus systems commonly used in industry
  • Direct power input (id and iq) possible
  • High modularity with air cooling and water cooling
  • Optional sinusoidal regenerative power supply unit 26 – 360 kW
  • Valuable functionality integrated into the firmware

Flexible drive solutions for test benches

We have the solution for your specific task.


One hand operates a rotary knob, a symbol for the test bench, that is labeled with Driving Automation Level. The Full Automation setting is selected.

You simulate the environment, we move your mechatronics system.

Advanced driver assistance systems provide safety and convenience. The functional testing of your partial solution in a pretest vehicle should almost match identically the future series version. Whether as a single-axis system or an energy-optimized multi-axis system with DC link and optional regenerative power supply, we move your hardware to your defined system limits, allowing intended overrides in a controlled way. We provide many possibilities for a modern, energy-optimized hardware-in-the-loop test bench.
Enabling you to achieve your aim in a safe and comfortable way.


Shows the set-up of a test bench.

The powertrain on the test bench

Whether in development or at the end-of-line, as manual transmission, automatic transmission or hybrid with an e-component, KEBA’s modular axis controllers can be used for the highly dynamic testing of these components. The ServoOne series allows a set-up as a multi-axis system that supplies power to the driving motor and the output-side load motors via a common DC link. As a result, the test systems is efficient and environmentally friendly in its energy use. For this purpose, high-powered axis controllers with up to 450 Amps plus overload are available. If this is not sufficient, there is the additional option of paralleling multiple power stages. Moreover, a q/d current characteristic map can be stored directly in the axis controller of the DUT, for example for quality assurance or for IPM synchronous motors duty. Another easy option is the direct setpoint setting from your control system.
You have the ideas, we provide the solution!


Shows the system illustration of an eco-friendly, efficient test bench set-up.

The green approach to mobility.

Electric drive systems in cars specifiy their own requirements and challenges for test bench engineering. The highly dynamic design of the drives with their high speeds and extremely diverse voltage levels characterize these applications. The great flexibility and easy parameter configuration of the ServoOne series make them suitable for operating not only in a common industrial environment.
E-mobility drive systems require the testing of the vehicle inverter in addition to the drive motor. Conventional test benches require a rotating load bench consisting of an expensive mechanical set-up with motor and load machines.
KEBA offers the possibility to eliminate this cost-intensive mechanical set-up by connecting the DUT and the electronic load emulator directly. In addition to the hardware savings, this solution eliminates the additional power loss that occurs in the mechanical section of the test bench almost completely.
The green approach to test bench design!


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