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At SPS 2022.


It’s All About Listening. And Understanding.

It was good to see the industry's leading trade fair live again after such a long time and to experience a personal exchange.

Above all, because this year's SPS for KEBA was characterized by listening and understanding - only those who listen well will understand their counterparts and be able to translate their needs into concrete solutions.

Completely in this spirit, we want to continuously develop our products. That's why this year you had the opportunity to playfully test our handheld terminals at our booth and give us immediate feedback.

Many thanks for that!

We are looking forward to the next SPS in fall 2023!

Gewinnerin mit Preis vor KEBA Darts Roboterzelle

The KEBA and SEPRO Darts Challenge

With skill and speed to victory

A highlight of SPS 2022 was the "Darts Challenge", in which we challenged the visitors to a contest. Using the KeTop HMIs or a smartphone, two robot axes were controlled and a dart had to be moved as quickly and accurately as possible onto the target. The daily winners of the challenge each won an Xbox Series X console.

In keeping with our trade show motto It's All About Listening. And Understanding we listened carefully to the Darts Challenge and gained a lot of insights:

Our highlights at a glance!

You will find more detailed information about our highlights on our blog.

KeTop Safe Wireless

Best usability due to multitouch and secure machine operation

  • Ergonomic operation and customizable
  • Intuitive HMI design with the highest usability
  • Robust hardware in portrait or landscape format

Kemro X - One System

The right solution for every application - based on one system

  • FlexCore: The open control platform for individual solutions
  • Robotics and drive technologies
  • Innovative automation solutions for your industry

Flexible Robotics

Easy operation and programming of robot solutions with the drag&bot software solution

  • Intuitive GUI
  • Plug&play integration
  • Independent expansion & retooling

Artificial intelligence

Advantages of using AI on the machine and in the control system

  • Network-independent solutions in the areas of anomaly detection
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Process optimization

Lecture: Easy operation and programming of robotic solutions

'Do you really need a specialist for every robot adaptation?' or 'How can an integrated robotics solution be made simple in the production environment?' Martin Naumann, Co-Founder of the software company drag&bot, which has been part of KEBA Group since 2021, answers these and similar questions in an interview on our blog.

Sounds interesting?
As part of the "SPS on air" - the digital lecture program at SPS 2022 - drag&bot will also be represented with a presentation on the topic of " Easy operation and programming of robot solutions".

The presentation will take place as a live online pre-heat event in the run-up to the SPS trade fair.
When: Thursday, 03.11.2022 from 14:40-15:00.

Woman in front of computer screen monitoring a plant

Lecture: Drive-based Condition Monitoring

Realizing smart maintenance concepts without sensors and the cloud

"Drive-based Condition Monitoring" is based on the knowledge that defective components in the engine and drive train exhibit physically detectable anomalies before they fail. These anomalies may be noticeable in terms of temperature, noise, or vibration, for example.

In this presentation, learn how to react to wear and tear of mechanical components at an early stage and thus increase productivity.

When: Wednesday 09.11.2022 from 11:50-12:10 at the VDMA/ZVEI Forum in Hall 3-451 and live in the stream

Round Table: The path to a safe robot

How can robots be completely and safely integrated into diverse applications such as painting, welding, or sheet metal bending?
Which selection of directives and standards should be taken into account?

Get answers to these questions at KEBA's round table as part of SPS on air - the digital lecture program at SPS 2022.


  • Wednesday, 09.11.2022 from 15:00-15:15
  • Thursday, 10.11.2022 from 10:00-10:15 a.m.


  • Zoom Meeting via SPS Digital Platform
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