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We are available online for an expert discussion via video call

SPS canceled? We are available online!

With the renewed cancellation of the SPS, the world of industrial automation must once again do without this important platform for product presentations and personal discussions.

With our KEBA Live Dialog, we offer the opportunity to meet online and bring our automation solutions to your office or home office.

Simply book an appointment via our online tool. Our experts will be there for you individually in an exclusive one-on-one meeting.

Our highlights at a glance!

Illustration of a mobile operating device KeTop Safe Wireless

KeTop Safe Wireless

Best usability due to multitouch and secure machine operation

  • Ergonomic operation and customizable
  • Intuitive HMI design with the highest usability
  • Robust hardware in portrait or landscape format
Illustration of a factory plant in the industry area

Kemro X - One System

The right solution for every application - based on one system

  • FlexCore: The open control platform for individual solutions
  • Robotics and drive technologies
  • Innovative automation solutions for your industry
Illustration of a hand with global connectivity lines for demmonstrating Industry 4.0

Artificial intelligence

Advantages of using AI on the machine and in the control system

  • Network-independent solutions in the areas of anomaly detection
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Process optimization
Illustration of drives with a scale

Condition Monitoring

Sensor-free monitoring in drives due to smart software modules

  • Cost-efficient due to reduced machine downtime
  • Large data amounts are processed directly in the drive
  • Generated results of data are transferred and reduces the bus load
Image of a three-axis power steering with PROFINET IRT

Three-axis servo with PROFINET IRT

Flexible solutions with the KeDrive D3 multi-axis drive system & PROFINET

  • PROFIdrive: Fast and profile-compliant integration into the automation system
  • PROFIsafe: Secure communication and motion monitoring guaranteed
  • Compact drives: 75 % less space required in the control cabinet
Illustration of a robot in the industry area

Explore the most accurate robot

One system for robots and machines - explore the most accurate robot

  • Combining traditional machine control with full-fledged robot control on a single platform
  • Broad-spectrum of mobile and stationary HMI solutions, as well as fully integrated safety technology

Increase robot accuracy

When looking to increase robot accuracy, engineers for the longest time focused on the mechanical systems in order to get as close as possible to the ideal, the design model. Today, the focus has shifted to increased computational capacity and more precise measurement technology for improving control.

Read more about robot accuracy and robot calibration in our blog.

Kemro X

A complete automation system as an overarching element

Digitalization is one of our focal points. KEBA's complete automation system for hardware and software, Kemro X, is the overarching element.

We spoke with Christian Gabriel, responsible for General Automation at KEBA Industrial Automation GmbH, about the pain points of machine manufacturers with regard to automation.

In the interview, Christian explains what the Kemro X automation system is all about and how it can help machine builders to master the current challenges.

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