RoboDK and KeMotion

Benefit from two open platforms

Partnership between RoboDK and KEBA

Integrated control technology in the offline programming and simulation tool simplifies the life cycle

The integration of KEBA Robotik KeMotion into the RoboDK software package, which specializes in offline programming and simulation, simplifies the complete life cycle of a process solution with integrated robotics, from the preparation of a quotation to implementation and after-sales support.

OEM developers can now combine the advantages of Kemro X and RoboDK. The two open platforms make it possible to create and test several robot cell scenarios from the desktop and only then build the real production cell.

Simple transfer to KEBA control unit

The currently available functionality enables the creation of robot programs in the KEBA language KAIRO within the RoboDK environment on the basis of 3D models of parts and systems. A simple option for transferring to KEBA controllers is also available. The execution of the robot movement can be monitored both in a digital environment and with the actual robot controller within RoboDK.

Advantages of using RoboDK

You face numerous challenges. Our robotics solution offers clear paths to your solution.

Advanced simulation

Enables users to

  • the virtual creation and testing of scenarios for robot cells in a simulated environment,

  • ensures optimal function and performance before real implementation

Set-up times

Minimizes commissioning times and conserves employee resources by

  • the simplification of programming tasks
  • through automatic path generation based on the CAD model of components

Digital twin

Facilitated and improved

  • monitoring and maintenance with digital twins,

  • which ensure quick identification and resolution of issues.

Efficient support

Guaranteed effective customer service

  • with minimal downtime during product changes
  • and fast problem-solving options.

Logo from RoboDK

Über RoboDK

RoboDK wurde im Januar 2015 von Albert Nubiola gegründet und ist ein Spin-off-Unternehmen des renommierten CoRo-Labors der ETS-Universität in Montreal, Kanada. Die RoboDK-Software wurde entwickelt, um großen und kleinen Unternehmen, Programmierern und Nicht-Programmierern gleichermaßen leistungsstarke Robotersimulations- und -programmierfunktionen zur Verfügung zu stellen. Heute unterstützt sie mehr als 1000 Roboter von über 70 verschiedenen Herstellern.

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