Examples of individually designed HMI products

Versatile Customizing options

for hardware and software

Optimally adapted to every application

KeTop offers a wide range of operating devices as well as the option of tuning the individual devices perfectly to the respective application as well as individual design requirements. Gradual adaptation guarantees ideal orientation to the respective needs.

The options range from simple color and logo adjustments to individually developed devices which can be integrated seamlessly into existing customer solutions.

New: HMI configurator

Gradual customizing

In the first level, the keyboard of mobile operating devices can be created in the corporate design (color, logo). In addition, there is a range of operating and safety elements to choose from for each device. Stationary panels are adapted to the customer design with individualized rear glass printing of the frame and, on request, are equipped with an anti-reflective glass front.

Starting from level 2, not only are color and logo adjustments possible, but the entire layout of the input field can be changed as well.

Keyboards of mobile devices and extension panels of stationary panels can be designed in line with customer specifications in regard to the number, position and type of button or command device.

The last customizing level offers the possibility to design a device with complete freedom. The shape factor of the housing, outer contours and the assembly concept are specially designed for the customer. The customer receives a unique device according to their own concept.

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