KeTop T150/T155 Safe Wireless

Easy-to-use operation due to wireless technology

Comfort and safety at the highest level

In order to guarantee high quality visualization, the HMI is equipped with a 10.1" capacitive touchscreen which can be operated as a real Multitouch.

The DualCore processor and the 3500mAh battery with a running time of up to 4 hours ensure the long-term and smooth performance and with a weight of only 1400g nothing stands in the way of effortless and comfortable operation.

Mobility plays an important role in many workplaces. Safety functions are indispensable to make visualization comfortable and yet safe. For this reason, the hand-held pendant station is equipped with an emergency stop and an enabling switch. It also has a safety TUV Rheinland certification and country-specific radio approvals in Europe, Japan, the USA and Canada and complies with the safety standards according to SIL3 and Kat4/PLe.

The innovative Operation Area Monitoring

Operation and monitoring

Safe Wireless terminals offer many advantages over wired devices, but also present new challenges to the user. By eliminating the cable, it is possible to unintentionally leave the line of sight and accidentally activate the emergency stop during operation by being too far away from the machine. Without the cable, the emergency stop effect may be unclear if the user approaches another machine without updating the pairing. To ensure work safety when using Safe Wireless devices, operation area monitoring is used.


KeTop Safe Wireless with Operation Area Monitoring - Discover it now!

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Reliable Performance

Modern systems must be fast and reliable to ensure optimal working conditions and therefore high efficiency. In order to ensure maximum availability with short response times and to be able to meet the response times required in a security environment, data for visualization and security are separated.

While a WiFi connection ensures data exchange between the hand-held pendant station and the "Connection Box" during visualization, safety data is transmitted via a Bluetooth connection. This division of data flows ensures maximum stability and increases security, as intrusion from outside is made even more difficult.

In addition, it is guaranteed that the maximum permitted follow-up time of an emergency stop signal of 100 ms is not exceeded and that even a temporary failure of the application would not trigger an emergency stop or set the enabling switch to inactive. Interferences can thus be avoided and efficiency increased.

If required, the HMI can also be used in tablet mode if the emergency stop and enabling switch are inactive. If this mode is not desired, a local radio mode is created just after pairing with the base station.

The right solution for every system

The idea of giving the user more flexibility was not only realized by increasing the freedom of movement when operating the hand-held pendant station, but can also be seen in its simple installation and integration. Thanks to Windows 10, Multitouch and optional HMI software, all options for integration into the workstation are available. Due to its discrete safety outputs, the manual control unit is suitable for any control system. Even retrofit solutions can be implemented.

The local WiFi of the base station can only be found by a KeTop T15x and is not visible for other devices.

In order to comply with the security guidelines, there is also the option of deactivating the WiFi before and after pairing/unpairing. Therefore, no dedicated security bus system is required and existing security solutions and WiFi infrastructures can be used.

Perfectly matched to your wishes

The visualization solution offers you, the user, numerous options for customizing the user interface and thus provides a powerful basis for the individual configuration of machines. All modules and the application frame can be pre-defined and put together as desired, and the components can be reused for individual machine models. The HMI application and keyboard can be individually designed and configured. It is also possible to change fonts, units, symbols, date and time to make operation as convenient as possible.

The user interface is designed so that you can create and customize your own controls. It is possible to display and configure time-controlled animations. A gesture control for an intuitive working method was also developed. The combination of openness and configurable functionality makes this visualization concept an extremely adaptable and customer-friendly application. Whether self-written functions, company-owned visualization or own libraries - there are no limits to the design of the software.

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