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Analog I/Os

KeConnect - I/O modules


Highest precision

Analog signals are forwarded with high precision and maximum interference immunity to the control and are also sent out to the peripherals. A microcontroller uses the calibration data to convert the measurement values of the analog inputs and outputs and sends the normalized values to the higher-order automation device.

  • Analog inputs can be operated either potentiometrically or differentially.
  • Modules are available with a granularity of 4 as pure input or output modules. With a granularity of 8, analog inputs and outputs are combined in one module and are available as voltage or as current modules.

Measurement accuracy

Due to the high resolution and high interference immunity, highly accurate measurements can be performed. This increases process accuracy and control quality.


Free configurability means that the input and output ranges can be freely defined. This enables operation of a wide range of different sensors with the same module.


Sensor break detection for all analog inputs enables fast reaction in the event of cable or sensor defects.

Modules overview

  • Analog inputs: AI 240/A
  • Analog outputs: AO 240/A
  • Voltage hybrid modules: AM 280/A, AM 282/A
  • Current hybrid modules: AM 280/B

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