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    Safe interaction with industrial robots

    KEBA robot showcase in German trade magazine


    With KEBA KeMotion, standard industrial robots can be used for HRI tasks. At the SPS 2019, KEBA presented an exciting practical solution for human-robot collaboration. Read now in the current Robotics & Production how it works.

    The integrated safety control guarantees safely limited speeds and working areas for all common robot kinematics. Ready-made technology modules enable the simple integration of a force sensor for hand guidance and the definition of virtual restricted areas. This allows the operator to sense the workspace limits when guiding the robot arm.

    You can read more about this in the current issue of the magazine "Robotik und Produktion" "Sichere Interaktion mit Industrieroboter". (Only German)
    Link to the publication (only German): Sichere Interaktion mit Industrieroboter

    Here you can read a description of the robot showcase on a PDF in English.(Please click on button below)

    The freely programmable KeSafe controller guarantees a safety level up to PLe for robots and machines in one application.

    KEBA - Automation by innovation.