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drag and bot GmbH has been a part of the KEBA Group for more than a year. Now, the company is launching “drag&bot OS”, their first joint product, on the market. This makes the entire scope of drag&bot technology available to KEBA customers as a built-in component of the Kemro X platform.

The drag&bot approach

drag&bot epitomizes the easy integration of robotics and robotic solutions into the production environment. The global shortage of skilled workers is driving up the demand for automation and robotics—a trend that is continuing unabated. The lack of skilled workers also affects the robot programming field. The solutions developed by drag&bot enable regular production workers to operate robotic applications by themselves, including troubleshooting and adjustments such as teaching new points. No extensive training is required.

The operation of standard industrial robots is typically difficult. Training provided by robot manufacturers frequently takes several weeks per worker and costs several thousand euros. Each robot is operated differently. This means that having received training from manufacturer A will not help with operating a robot made by manufacturer B. In larger companies, such a mix of products is the rule rather than the exception. In other words, training takes up a lot of time and resources.

It is not just the operation of industrial robots that requires training. The integration of standard industrial robots in machines and systems is also complex. Frequently, it takes machine manufacturers more than a year to integrate robots in their products. This often involves the creation of programs on the robot controller, which are then called up by the superordinate system controller, along with the parameters. In this case, changes to the robot programming can only be made in the robot manufacturer's programming language, which frequently leads to system fragmentation and operator errors at the end customer’s site.

Compared to solutions from robot manufacturers, drag&bot OS is not just a tool for specialists who set up the robot application and do the initial programming; it also includes a customizable graphic user interface that provides production workers with all options for system operation. Martin Naumann, co-founder and CEO of drag and bot GmbH, says: “Our software is a simple, graphic, no-code GUI. The intuitive HTML5-based operation is easy to understand, and workers can teach themselves using the tutorials. The ‘programming’ of the robot is done via graphic function modules that can be dragged and dropped—hence our name—to create a flow chart.”

drag&bot OS—who is it made for?

The integration of drag&bot OS in Kemro X, the hardware and software automation platform offered by KEBA Industrial Automation, now makes this easy integration of robots available to KEBA customers. Christian Gabriel, Vize President General Automation at KEBA Industrial Automation, says: “Our first step has been to include the drag&bot technology in our Kemro X platform as a new stand-alone software module. In the course of the next stages, the drag&bot technology will also facilitate the easy operation of robots controlled with KeMotion. A further expansion level will make the entire Kemro X feature set available for use within the drag&bot software.” This approach underscores once more KEBA Industrial Automation's guiding principle “easy-to-use” that is the common theme of all their hardware and software products.

The drag&bot software feature in Kemro X is primarily of interest to machine manufacturers who wish to offer robotics integration or add it to their service portfolio and who attach particular importance to the following considerations:

  • End customers should be enabled to quickly and easily perform and implement changes by themselves.
  • The proposed solution is integral, which means: Robots and machines form one system, one “mind”, also with regard to operation and use.
  • Ensuring independence from robot brands and types.
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