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Simplicity, modern operation, and strong performance are particularly important in controlling injection molding machines. With KePlast, you can rely on innovative automation solutions with the highest service quality. We have been developing cutting-edge solutions accustomed and optimized to the needs of the plastics industry – because technology matters! Read more about our innovative solutions in this technical article, published in the current issue of the ACMT Smart Molding Magazine, and be ready for Industry 4.0!

For KEBA, Industry 4.0 (I4.0) is not just a buzzword, but a living reality – we show the possibilities opened up by new technologies and how these trends can be expanded successively to meet future requirements. This is particularly evident in the user-friendly applications and assistance programs of the KePlast Smart Industry portfolio. One of the challenges of I4.0 is the availability of highly complex technologies in the form of simple integration at the injection molding machine (IMM) manufacturer and also at the end-customer. With KEBA, Industry 4.0 applications are available for both OEM clients as well as small to medium-sized end-customers – providing the convenient and optimized implementation of I4.0 technologies for everyone is the true art of automation.

Modern platform architecture with maximum security

All essential components and technologies are based on the FlexCore runtime platform of our outstanding overall automation system Kemro X, which has the necessary openness, particularly when it comes to the control and HMI aspects. This gives you the freedom that you need to design an individual Industry 4.0 solution that fits your requirements. The communication is based on the latest standards, such as OPC UA, combined with established fieldbus systems, such as EtherCAT.

Mastering the digital transformation

Make the most of your partnership with KEBA – work with a leading expert in the integration of Linux-based technologies and other cloud-based assistant systems. Due to increasingly shorter innovation cycles, today’s market requires a varied Industry 4.0 portfolio which can be integrated quickly and easily. At the same time, these systems need to be scalable, secure and highly flexible. With the solutions from the KEBA Smart Industry portfolio, you can make all levels of the machines suitable for Industry 4.0. Whether it be Smart Factory, Smart Engineering or Smart Technology – we have the perfect solution for all requirements.

KEBA i4.0 turnkey solution


KEBA Smart Industry

With the increasing need for flexibility and individualization, production processes are becoming more and more complex. KEBA provides innovative automation solutions for Industry 4.0 for the digitization of machines and production.

  • KEBA Smart Factory – connectivity, quick IT integration with edge devices and a focus on standards
    As part of the KePlast Smart Industry portfolio, two innovative products for Industry 4.0 are provided.

KePlast ServiceNet – In seconds at your machine
KePlast ServiceNet is a user-friendly plug-and-play solution for comprehensive remote support and the efficient remote monitoring of machines. Quick, global access to process data for servicing and convenient remote diagnostics is just as simple and uncomplicated as the convenient support of the operating personnel’s application and process requests.

KePlast EasyNet MES – process monitoring for maximum productivity
KePlast EasyNet MES monitors the productivity of machines equipped with KePlast controls and manages the data on stationary and mobile end-devices for small and medium-sized companies. The cyclically-recorded machine parameters are compiled in a central database. This guarantees the best data protection and efficient process analysis, as well as the creation of individual production reports.

  • KEBA Smart Technology – future-proof technology libraries and assistants for your machines
    Future-proof technology libraries and assistants for your machines as well as worthwhile functions developed in collaboration with customers from different sectors can all be flexibly combined. The extensive selection of tried-and-tested technologies in the areas of HMI, drive, control and safety technology offer an impressive spectrum of solutions for customers who need to design an intelligent plant, in terms of Industry 4.0, with a wide variety of machines.

  • KEBA Smart Engineering – collaborative and flexible engineering for location and company independent development
    Flexible engineering is not simply a buzzword but something that really defines all our products. Thanks to location-independent commissioning and analyses via simulation solutions, the time needed on-site is reduced. The maximum machine performance is not just achieved through project planning and a good commissioning, but also through the automatic optimization and system diagnostics during the machining process. KEBA provides the ideal tools and solutions for all phases!

ServiceNet – in seconds at your machine

EasyNet MES – process monitoring for maximum productivity

KePlast – the perfect control solution for IMM

The KePlast control solutions cover a wide range of machine types, starting with standard hydraulic and all-electric through to complex, multi-component injection molding machines. The entire KePlast i-series comprises i1000, i2000, i3000, i8000 which is characterized by the scalable hardware and a common software platform that enables maximum differentiation for the OEM's competitive advantage.

With the new product line KePlast i3000, KEBA introduces a high-performance control system and innovative and fast multitouch operation panel in combination with a future-proof Linux-based software platform.

Innovative control unit

The KeControl C5 control hardware is equipped with a powerful and scalable Intel x86 multi-core CPU and a high number of integrated onboard I/Os, optimized for the use in injection molding machines. Additional I/Os or peripheral devices, such as drives can be connected via high-speed EtherCAT field-bus. The control runs with 500µs cycle time and intelligent FPGA-based hardware concepts, e.g. 62.5µs v/p reaction or KEBA's fast-reaction control can be used to optimize the closed-loop process control.

KePlast i3000 – powerful control with modern gesture operation


Navigate to the future with the latest multitouch technology

KePlast i3000 comes with a set of modern and user-friendly HMI range of 12" to 18.5" multitouch operation panels. The latest PCT (projected capacitive touch) multitouch operation in combination with the ready-to-use HMI application enables intuitive gesture operation within European design. The operation of machine movements can be done both on a touch screen or keyboard.

With KEBA, you get innovative automation solutions and a excellent quality of service. More than 30 years of experience in process control make us the industry experts. "Automation by innovation" has always been KEBA's credo, and we are always developing cutting-edge solutions that meet the needs of the plastics industry!

KePlast Multitouch Framework

More about the article for the magazine 'ACMT SMART Molding'

This article appears in the March issue of the magazine 'SMART Molding'. www.smartmolding.com


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