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**KEBA @ iREX Japan,
November 29 - December 2, 2023
ONSITE Exhibition @Tokyo Big Sight
East Hall 7, Booth E7-68

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Our trade fair highlights at a glance!

Artificial intelligence

This is how efficiently AI technology can be integrated into our control platform.

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KeTop Safe Wireless

The KeTop T15x Safe Wireless combines user experiences from the high-end smartphone world, such as connectivity and multitouch use with safe machine operation.

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Kemro X - One System

The right solution for every application - based on one system:

  • FlexCore: Open control platform
  • Robotics and drive technologies
  • Innovative solutions for your industry
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The software solution enables easy operation and programming of standard industrial robots

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Plug & Play integration
  • Independent expansion & retrofitting
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AI extension module

As high-performance hardware in a miniature form factor, the AI extension module has been specially developed for AI applications in the industrial sector in compliance with all relevant standards. Its longevity and ruggedness are among the features that set it apart from electronics products in the consumer sector. The AI extension module includes a sophisticated toolchain with all tools needed to collect, process and interpret data, allowing industrial customers to get started quickly with AI.

On the iREX, you can use voice commands to instruct the robot Kawasaki RS007 to select a specific item from the box and deliver it to you.

The KEBA Artificial intelligence (AI) extension module is currently in prototype status and is offered to interested customers as a Development Kit (DevKit).

KeTop Safe Wireless

KeTop Safe Wireless

One control unit for many machines:

As companies grow, so do their production lines and machine parks - it is not uncommon for different machine generations from several manufacturer brands to come together. These should be able to effectively communicate with each other but also be operated in a uniform way.

What is needed is a highly flexible one-for-all HMI solution that is based on the modular principle. If this is then also wireless, machine and robot operators benefit from maximum flexibility and efficiency and operate where they have the best view of the process. To ensure work safety when using Safe Wireless devices, they are now also with operation area monitoring.

KeTop Safe Wireless

Explosion-proof teaching pendant

Experience a KEBA product that is unique live: the KeTop T70 Ex.

Derived from a classic teach pendant a very similar look and feel with the same high graphics resolution and even drop proofness is now available to the operator in explosive atmospheres.

The intrinsically safe explosion-proof pendant is designed for use in explosive dust and gas atmospheres, e.g. in painting systems. This OEM example gives an insight what KEBA customizing is capable of. Have a closer look at the classification (zones) and certification.

HKM von Cognibotics

Easy operation and programming of robotic solutions

Requirements for factory automation are undergoing dramatic changes: Areas that are strongly characterized by manual work are becoming increasingly automated by robots, mass production is replaced more and more frequently by small batch sizes, and individual customizing of automation solutions is in ever greater demand. But do you really need someone with special know-how for every change of robot application? Can't use of robotics solutions in the production environment be made simpler?

The answer is: Yes, it is possible to implement or adapt robot applications quickly and independently, even without expert knowledge or extensive training in robotics. The solution is an innovation software solution, like drag&bot, which enables shop floor workers to easily program and operate industrial robots.

KeMotion - Robotics solution

KeMotion - Freedom to innovate

The robotics solution from KEBA: We offer a complete, modular and open platform optimized for the control of industrial robots. We use advanced hardware and software technologies, offer a wide range of automation components and specific robotics technology, and keep our offering at the cutting edge of technology through continuous innovation.

In addition, we offer an open and scalable solution that allows you to tailor your robot controller to your specific application - from simple and cost-optimized standard solutions to powerful and customized systems. The large number of interface options makes it easy - also together with partners - to offer attractive overall solutions.

Our safety solution ensures the safe operation of machines and robots in accordance with current standards and directives. The functional scope of our KeSafe safety technology ranges from simple logical links to safe single-axis functions and extended safety functions for robot applications.

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