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Global networking for your smart factory

For us here at KEBA, Industry 4.0 (I4.0) is not just a buzzword but a reality that we are experiencing right now. We will show you what possibilities new technologies can open up for your company and how these trends can be gradually developed to meet future requirements. This can be seen in particular in the user-friendly applications and assistant programs that make up the KEBA Smart Industry portfolio.
One of the challenges associated with Industry 4.0 is the availability of highly-complex technologies in the form of a simple integration for machine manufacturers and end customers. KEBA produces I4.0 applications for both OEM customers and small and medium-sized end customers. Facilitating the convenient and optimized implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies for everyone is the real art of automation.

In order to do this, we primarily focus on:

  • the control of machines and industrial equipment
  • the operation of machines and processes
  • the communication and data processing between the different levels of the value chain
  • the development environment for future, digital I4.0 solutions and
  • machine-oriented cloud applications

KEBA solutions help to make these new Industry 4.0 technologies easy to use.

Modules of the KEBA software on a laptop

Open platform architecture

All essential components and technologies are based on the “open platform” architecture of our all-round solution KeControl FlexCore, which has the necessary openness, particularly when it comes to the control and HMI aspects. This gives you the freedom that you need to design an individual Industry 4.0 solution that fits your requirements.

The communication is based on the latest standards, such as OPC UA, combined with established fieldbus systems, such as EtherCAT.

Industry 4.0 environment of a factory with cloud connection through the controller

The cornerstones of Industry 4.0

Make the most of your partnership with KEBA – work with a leading expert in the integration of Linux-based technologies and other cloud-based assistant systems. Due to increasingly shorter innovation cycles, today’s market requires a varied Industry 4.0 portfolio which can be integrated quickly and easily. At the same time, these systems need to be scalable, secure and highly flexible.

With the solutions from the KEBA Smart Industry portfolio, you can make all levels of the machines suitable for Industry 4.0. Whether it be Smart Factory, Smart Engineering or Smart Technology – we have the perfect solution for all requirements.

KEBA Smart Industry – the smart Industry 4.0 portfolio

  • KEBA Smart Factory:
    Assistant program for increased productivity
  • KEBA Smart Technology:
    Technology libraries and assistants for your machines
  • KEBA Smart Engineering:
    User-friendly engineering and tools for quick machine configurations for OEMs.

KEBA Smart Industry

With the increasing need for flexibility and individualization, production processes are becoming more and more complex. KEBA provides innovative automation solutions for Industry 4.0 for the digitization of machines and production.

KEBA Smart Factory

Networking, quick IT integration with edge devices and a focus on standards

KEBA Smart Factory solutions allow for different possibilities when it comes to communication and data collection whether it be between machines, directly to sensors or via a connection to the cloud.

Brownfield or greenfield – for both cases we offer a basis fit for the future which significantly increases productivity.

Your benefits:

  • Reduction of complexity through the use of both generic and defined information models based on OPC UA
  • Data and cost reductions thanks to intelligent data pre-processing algorithms
  • Standard remote solutions or proprietary integration of existing remote service solutions
  • Vertical and horizontal networking in one device through the use of industrial standards
  • Finished condition monitoring and predictive solutions for different use cases
  • “Plug and produce” with standardized and industry-standard control, visualization and drive profiles

An extract of our Industry 4.0 solutions

The machine user operates an injection molding machine with a multitouch

ServiceNet – on your machine in seconds

ServiceNet is a user-friendly plug and play solution for comprehensive remote support and the efficient remote monitoring of machines. Quick, global access to process data for servicing and convenient remote diagnostics is just as simple and uncomplicated as the convenient support of the operating personnel’s application and process requests.

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Production overview visible on three screens

KePlast EasyNet MES

KePlast EasyNet MES monitors machine productivity and manages the data on stationary and mobile end device for small and medium-sized companies. The cyclically-recorded machine parameters are compiled in a central database. This guarantees the best data protection and an efficient process analysis, as well as the creation of individual production reports.

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Icon for networking, technical communication


All controls are equipped with EtherCAT, CAN and Ethernet, which allow for an efficient communication with all downstream devices and host systems. The OPC UA and EUROMAP interfaces are key standards for Industry 4.0 and are part of our technology framework. In addition, external drives, such as the main drive unit, can be connected through EtherCAT or Profinet.

Control as edge device with meshing lines

Edge Solutions & Cloud Access

Not only is the KEBA automation platform suitable for control tasks, it is also suitable for edge devices. The scalable solutions include the real-time data collection of 500µsec, as well as OPC, UA, TSN and Node-RED (KeControl EdgeCollect) and even big data filtration, pre-preparation and management (KeControl Edge Compute). With KeControl Edge Analytics, AI algorithms, such as predictive analytics and maintenance, can be implemented.

KEBA Smart Technology

Robot simulation for packaging

Future-proof technology libraries and assistants for your machines

Future-proof technology libraries and assistants for your machines as well as worthwhile functions developed in collaboration with customers from different sectors (plastics, robotics, CNC, etc.) can all be flexibly combined. The extensive selection of tried-and-tested technologies in the areas of HMI, drive, control and safety technology offer an impressive spectrum of solutions for customers who need to design an intelligent plant, in terms of Industry 4.0, with a wide variety of machines.

Your benefits:

  • Quick time-to-market thanks to our tried-and-tested technologies
  • “Easy-to-use” – Expert knowledge through intelligent assistants
  • Well-engineered components as a result of decades of experience
  • Innovative complete solutions through flexible technology combinations
  • “Condition monitoring” – Early detection of wear to minimize downtime (e.g. with bearings)
  • “Predictive maintenance” – Flexible instead of fixed maintenance intervals to increase productivity and reduce downtime

An extract of our Industry 4.0 solutions

Lock for highest security

KeSecure Function Package

This software system prevents unwanted access to your machines and works towards the gradual fulfillment of security standards. It includes, amongst other things, the targeted management of open communication channels depending on the operating type, the checking of the authenticity and integrity of software updates and the secure authorization of service technicians. With KeSecure, you can also benefit from a secure key and certificate management and can regulate access to sensitive data.

Sensorless monitoring in the drive with scala

Sensor-free monitoring in the drive

Intelligent software models in our drives ensure a sensor-free wear monitoring for mechanical components, such as roller bearings for example. This saves money and resources and protects against any unplanned machine downtime. Large amounts of data are processed directly in the drive, however only the result is transferred. So, big data turns into smart data which drastically reduces the bus load, but not the quality of the data.

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Mobile handheld control unit without cable

KeTop Safe Wireless T150/T155

The combination of the operator experience with the multi-touch screen and the secure machine operation allows for a convenient and safe use of applications in industrial environments. With its ergonomic operability and availability in landscape and portrait formats, the hand-held operating device has an intuitive design and is therefore incredibly user-friendly.

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Rotary wheel on a panel


With the fully adaptive rotary push button KeWheel as the main operating element, input options such as for overrides, hand wheels, mode-selection switches, axis travel buttons, and the user interface can be combined in a single device. The KeWheel provides the operator with additional information about the condition of the machine through a broad range of haptic feedback.

KEBA Smart Engineering

KeStudio software on a laptop with networking lines

Collaborative and flexible engineering for location and company independent development

Flexible engineering is not simply a buzzword but something that really defines all our products. Thanks to location-independent commissioning and analyses via simulation solutions, the time needed on-site is reduced.

The maximum machine performance is not just achieved through project planning and a good commissioning, but also through the automatic optimization and system diagnostics during the machining process. KEBA provides the ideal tools and solutions for all phases!

Your benefits:

  • Close partnership with our customers – tailored and collaborative developments increase the time-to-market
  • Increased productivity and dynamism with the same amount of material used thanks to intelligent drive regulation and ideal software solutions (incl. oscillation analyses and autotuning)
  • Hardware-independent thanks to simulation solutions
  • Reduction of incorporation phase made possible by established IT technologies

An extract of our Industry 4.0 solutions

Simulation of a robot application

Digital Twin – Simulation Package

Simple machine optimization can be achieved through the 3D simulations. It also facilitates the creation, optimization, validation and visualization of robot programs. This means that an Industry 4.0-compliant virtualization can already be done before the commissioning takes place.

Application screen for fast machine configuration

KePlast AppCo – quickly configured

This user-friendly tool supports the machine manufacturer in the creation of an optimal control application by guiding the user through the entire configuration process until the control program has been completed. In addition, no prior knowledge of programming is required.

Icon for GIT

GIT for collaborative work

The integration of collaborative solutions increases product quality (continuous integration) and makes it possible for the customer to receive live updates (continuous delivery). Here, KEBA relies entirely on established IT technologies and integrates them into the industrial automation.

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