KeEnergy h1000 heat distribution system for Asian heat pumps

With the global heat pump boom, more and more Asian manufacturers are flooding the European heating market with low-cost air source heat pumps. As a result, European heat pump manufacturers are coming under increasing cost pressure in their own production processes and are often including Asian air source heat pumps in their product portfolio as a low-cost entry-level solution. KEBA has responded to this market change by developing a heat distribution solution optimized for these Asian air source heat pumps.

The basis for this is the proven KeEnergy h1000 heat pump control system, which controls Asian air source heat pumps via ModBus.

This solution enables heat pump manufacturers to use the extensive flexible options of the KeEnergy h1000 heat distribution solution, such as

  • a large selection of hydraulic schemes

  • up to eight heating circuits

  • heat pump cascades

  • the use of PV electricity

  • the simultaneous use of heating and cooling buffers

  • active and passive cooling

  • a smart grid solution.

  • The visualization can be selected from a large number of European languages.

This optimized heat distribution solution was also developed with a view to future regulatory requirements to meet cyber security standards such as NIS-2, including encryption and strong authentication methods to protect device communication. Secure remote maintenance and email notifications in the event of faults provide service technicians and end customers with convenient solutions for operation and servicing.

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