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HMI visualization solutions enable users to efficiently monitor complex processes and operations, to view and interpret data, and thus to operate the machine efficiently.

Because many different types of HMIs (separate screen, tablet computer, plant component) are used in the industrial sector, the requirements for HMI visualization are manifold: They must respond quickly, be usable on any operation device, and be user-friendly and intuitive to operate—and preferably should not require any programming skills.

Most manufacturers provide their own visualization solutions for their operation devices, which can be used to create custom applications.

KEBA, too, offers a visualization software for mobile and stationary KEBA operation devices.

This article answers the most frequently asked questions from new customers about our HMI visualization solution, in particular regarding the licensing model.

Which visualization solution is included with my KeTop hand-held device out of the box?

Our KeTop hand-held operation devices come with preinstalled Windows 10 IoT Enterprise software as standard. This is a full-scale Windows version with a feature set as rich as that of conventional PCs. It includes a broad range of driver options for linking the physical controls of the KeTop device to a control system.

The operator controls of your KeTop hand-held device can connect easily to the control systems via the provided Ethernet interface. Communication interfaces for the most common control systems are preinstalled (e.g. S7 protocol for Siemens, ADS protocol for Beckhoff, and Modbus TCP or OPC UA for all other control systems).

This enables our customers to get started with creating their own visualization quickly and easily. Moreover, all KeTop products come with a 30-day trial license for KEBA’s KeView visualization solution as standard. Within this period, the entire range of functionality can be used.

What are KEBA’s visualization solutions?

With KEBA’s proprietary visualization software KeView, efficient project engineering is a breeze, even without programming skills. The KeView modular system consists of tried-and-trusted HMI components widely used in the industrial sector and harmonizes perfectly with our Kemro X platform.

KeView is an intuitive, Java-based visualization framework; the ViewEdit HMI design tools uses the Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE).

In the ViewEdit HMI design tool, ready-made elements can be combined to form complete visualization screens simply via drag & drop.

Different software options are available, depending on the customer’s requirements. In addition to powerful widgets, KEBA also offers integrated multitouch gestures. A CSS-based styling editor is used to adapt the visualization to the corporate design. Software modules can be used in Java for the flexible implementation of custom extensions.

What alternative visualization solution does KEBA recommend?

For KeTop Basic devices, we recommend the VisiWin for KeTop visualization solution as an alternative to KeView, especially if the controller is not a KEBA product. This solution is based on the open, powerful VisiWin 7 HMI and SCADA software made by INOSOFT. Through dedicated OPC UA drivers, it can connect to almost any PLC.

VisiWin for KeTop offers modern, freely customizable user interfaces that can either run as native applications directly on the Windows operating system of the KeTop devices or alternatively in a web browser. This gives you maximum flexibility to create the right solution for every use case.

VisiWin for KeTop is distributed by KEBA, and we also provide the technical support. In addition, we provide information on INOSOFT training and workshops for VisiWin for KeTop.

How does the pricing model for KEBA’s HMI visualization work?

There are basically two different types of licenses: First, there is the workstation license for a KeStudio installation on a work computer. Customers can either buy a license for a specific version, or use an annual subscription to always receive the latest version of the development environment.

Second, there is the runtime license that it purchased once for a device and that can then be used without any time limit. A separate runtime license must be purchased for every hand-held operation device running the KeView visualization framework and a visualization application created with this framework. KEBA offers attractive volume pricing for the purchase of multiple licenses.

How do I activate my KEBA HMI visualization license?

Our website provides all information that customers need in order to activate their licenses.

To activate a workstation license after purchase, use this link:

More answers to frequently asked questions around KEBA licensing can also be found on this website.

There are detailed instructions that guide you through the activation of the runtime license and the activation of the workstation license for the PC.

If you need further assistance, the KEBA Service Team is happy to help: [email protected]

Where do I find the latest software version, and what is the warranty period?

The warranty period for each KEBA system version is twelve months starting from the delivery of the software products or the acceptance of the respective software version. For this reason, KEBA releases regular bug fixes and updates of the visualization software that rectify any issues.

When updated software versions are released, customers have a contractually defined acceptance period during which they can approve this new version or, in case of issues, receive free bug fixes. The warranty period starts when approval is given.

For more information, refer to the KEBA Software Terms of Use.

The KeStudio HMI Engineering workstation license is a one-off purchase. It entitles customers to use this program. When upgrades with new features become available, this new version must be purchased or the upgrades must be purchased separately.

Alternatively, the HMI Engineering Annual License that always includes the latest software is available for an annual fee. The choice is yours.

Who can answer my questions around KEBA’s HMI visualization?

If you have questions about visualization, our KEBA experts are happy to help you any time. Use this form to submit your inquiry, or call us directly at: +43 732 7090-0

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