Laser angle meter won over a jury of experts with its technological innovation, practical relevance and market opportunities

KEBA wins Upper Austrian State Prize for Innovation 2018

KEBA’s unique laser angle meter for the sheet metal bending industry was chosen by the jury as the winner of the Upper Austrian State Prize for Innovation 2018 in the “Large Company” category.

This is the third time that KEBA, the automation expert from Linz, Austria, has won the prize. The winning device was a novel laser angle meter which allows automatic quality control in the serial production of sheet metal parts without interrupting the production process and which can also be used for manual angle measurement.

The laser angle measuring device, which has already received several design prizes, once again won over a top-profile jury of experts with its technological innovation, practical relevance and market opportunities, and achieved first place in the “Large Company” category for the Innovation Award of the Province of Upper Austria. The laser angle meter was also nominated for the Austrian national award.

Measure angles easily and faster

KEBA’s compact angle measuring device greatly simplifies quality control during the automated or manual measurement of angles and offers a “continuous measurement” feature so that the angle of a sheet metal part can be checked over its entire length in one go.

Also ideal for small to medium-sized companies

KEBA managed to develop an industrial-grade, compact measuring instrument that is extremely easy to use. The comparatively low investment costs means small to medium-sized companies now have the chance to use advanced measurement techniques as well.

Innovations are part of the company’s identity Innovations are part of the KEBA identity and play a key role in its competitive success. As a future-oriented company, KEBA invests 20 percent of its revenue into research and development every year. Thanks to this knack for innovation, KEBA has always succeeded in becoming a leader in niche markets.

Developing the laser angle meter was not an easy task,” says Franz Höller, CTO of KEBA AG. “Meeting the high demands of the market in terms of accuracy and reproducibility of results posed a difficult development challenge. In the end we were able to rise up to the challenge, in no small part thanks to the team which believed in the idea and spared no effort in finding solutions. This is a clear example of what an autonomous and agile team operating like a startup can achieve.

The laser angle meter is the perfect addition to the KEBA product portfolio given that the company has years of experience in this sector with its own control solutions and also owns a subsidiary, DELEM B.V., which specializes in the automation of sheet metal bending machines.

We are very happy to receive the innovation prize, especially because we were able to win over a high-profile jury with our solutions. It shows us that we are at the forefront with our ideas and solutions and also provides an important confirmation for our employees, who work with conviction and passion on issues of the future,” says Franz Höller, CTO of KEBA.

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From left to right: Franz Höller, CTO KEBA AG; Uta Lang, Marketing Measuring Systems KEBA AG; Johann Berger, Sales Manager Measuring Systems KEBA AG; Thomas Linde, Executive Vice President Industrial Automation, Chef Innovation Officer KEBA AG; © KEBA AG

Automatic angle measurement directly on the sheet metal bending machine; © KEBA AG

Easy manual quality control;© KEBA AG

Franz Höller, CTO KEBA AG;


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