Optimized manual angle control reduces the process time

The reduction of process times is the goal of every process optimization. To get one step closer to this goal, sheet metal bending companies are now able to reduce the duration of manual random inspections. KEBA has developed an angle measuring system that, due to its contactless measuring method, considerably simplifies the manual checking of bent angles.

Manual spot checks are indispensable in sheet metal processing - especially if no automatic measuring system linked to the machine is used However, the handling of conventional hand-held measuring devices is very time-consuming due to the necessary application of measuring tools and requires appropriate expertise.

Non-contact measurement with just one keystroke

A measuring device such as the digital protractor from KEBA, whose measuring principle is based on non-contact laser technology, significantly simplifies manual quality control. This is because, in contrast to conventional measuring instruments, innovative laser technology eliminates the need to place measuring legs on the workpiece, which results in considerable time savings. In addition, alignment errors are avoided due to the simple handling of the device.

The non-contact measuring method not only allows work to be carried out without damaging the workpiece, but also allows measurements to be taken in places that are difficult to access. By requiring only one keystroke for angle control, "blind measurements" or "overhead measurements" can now also be performed quickly and easily.

Rapid inspection of large parts

Even large and bulky sheet metal parts can be easily checked with the digital protractor from KEBA. A specially designed function allows continuous measurement along the entire length of the workpiece - any deviations along the sheet metal part are thus quickly visible

Higher process reliability through automatic angle control

In an alternative device variant, the innovative protractor from KEBA enables, in addition to manual random sample control, automatic angle measurement directly on the press brake and thus ensures consistent quality control during the work process.

Perform "overhead measurements" quickly and easily © KEBA

Measure angles with just one keystroke © KEBA

Continuous measurement along the entire sheet metal part © KEBA

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