2000th cash recycler of the evo series in use at the Salzburger Sparkasse

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Since 2002, the Salzburger Sparkasse and automation specialist KEBA are closely connected: at that time, the first KePlus self-service machines were installed at the financial institution with headquarters in the Mozart city of Salzburg. After almost 20 years, the two traditional Austrian companies can celebrate a special anniversary: the 2000th cash recycler of the evo series automates cash deposits and withdrawals at the Maxglan branch in the city of Salzburg.

In its branch concept, Salzburger Sparkasse relies on efficient cash processes to shift the workload of its employees. The cash handling is largely handled by the KEBA Cash Recyclers. This saves handling costs and frees up staff for their core tasks: consulting their customers and selling financial products.

Simplicity as a mission
In order for the institute's customers to enjoy using self-service machines, they must be easy to use and clearly structured. The importance of usability at KEBA is explained by CEO Gerhard Luftensteiner as follows: "For us, Easy to Use is not just a slogan, but a lived mission. Our goal is to simplify people’s living and working worlds. In order to meet this requirement, many small and large steps in the development phase were necessary: from the inclination of the cash slot to the ability to drive under the machines with wheelchair and walker".

The evo series is based on the experience of numerous user studies, the involvement of different target groups and the knowledge of external and internal experts. The extensive user guidance and the consistent and tablet-like SmartSurface are only two exemplary results from these discussions and tests.

2000ster evo particularly user-friendly
The jubilee machine, which is used in the Maxglan branch of the Salzburger Sparkasse, is particularly customer-friendly as a drive-under version. Operation is much more convenient for customers who are dependent on a wheelchair or walker. Discretion also increases thanks to the sliding customer application: it can be moved up or down on the screen to conceal it with the body for bystanders. For customers, it’s especially convenient as each individual can adjust the gripping heights for themselves.

CEO of the Salzburger Sparkasse Christoph Paulweber is satisfied with the feedback from his bank customers on the evo series systems: "We already use twelve evo series cash recyclers. Our customers often give us positive feedback for the usability of the ATMs, which also confirms our purchasing decision," says Christoph Paulweber.

Pictures by stefanzauner.at

The anniversary was duly celebrated: KEBA Sales Bernhard Koppler, CEO of Salzburger Sparkasse Mag. Christoph Paulweber and KEBA Chairman Gerhard Luftensteiner (f.l.t.r.)

The simple operation and the wheel-under capability make the 2000th cash recycler of the evo series in the Maxglan branch particularly customer-friendly.

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