Sparkasse Oberösterreich relies on the smart access and foyer management from KEBA

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There are many access systems, but only few are secure enough that access to a bank branch can be controlled with it. KEBA, the automation specialist based in Linz/Austria, is launching a new generation of an access and foyer management system which not only controls the door but also lights, audio and much more.

If a customer wishes to access the self-service foyer of a bank outside business hours, he or she authenticates himself or herself at the door module using a bank card. With the new system generation, KeBin S10, this is possible for the first time - thanks to NFC technology - contactless. After a positive check, the door opens and the usual services such as cash deposit and withdrawal are available.

Secure branches, smart design

The regulated access to the foyer increases the security for the inventory, but also the perceived security of the customers. Because only those who are actually entitled to do so, can enter the foyer. In addition to the door, the foyer management system can also be used to control many other room elements such as lighting, music or the self-service equipment. This creates an inviting atmosphere for bank customers outside general opening hours and allows savings on the branch's energy costs.

Easy to use - for all users

During the development of KeBin S10, KEBA once again focused on maximum accessibility and user-friendliness. For Gerhard Luftensteiner, CEO of KEBA AG, today more important than ever: "Demographic change is omnipresent - self-service in particular must therefore be easy to understand and intuitive. A clear operating concept and consideration of the needs of different user groups are the cornerstones of our new developments. KEBA relies on light-based user guidance, easily understandable icons and a design that creates clarity in operation.

First installation in Upper Austria

The new KeBin S10 access and foyer management system was first installed in front of KEBA's metaphorical front door in fall 2019. Outside opening hours, the door to the Linz-Urfahr branch on Sparkassenplatz is opened with KEBA's smart control system.

"As a long-standing partner, KEBA has been supplying access authorization systems for the Sparkasse OÖ for a long time. KeBin S10 convinces with many smart features and modern design. It runs reliably during operation and can be easily configured from the office. Over the next few years, we will replace older systems with the new KeBin S10," says Maximilian Pointner, Chief of Operations and member of the Board of Directors of Sparkasse OÖ.

CEO of KEBA, Mr. Luftensteiner and COO of Sparkasse Oberösterreich, Mr. Poitner with the brand new KeBin S10, which controls the access to the branch in Linz/Urfahr on Sparkassenplatz.

KeBin S10 allows modern authentication by using a smartphone with NFC-functionality.

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