11 questions that facilitate the purchase of a cash recycler

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When purchasing a new ATM, many aspects have to be considered - from location to customer structure to energy efficiency. The decision for or against a provider depends on many factors. We have compiled a few questions for you to make the purchase of a cash recycler easier.

Questions about the location

The exact location has a considerable influence on the equipment and security features that a cash recycler should or must have:

Should the service access be in the front or in the back?

Cash recyclers can be serviced from the front (frontload) or the rear (rearload). The choice of access option may depend on the location. But also the insurance company can set rules, because rearload is considered safer than frontload.

Is the cash recycler in a lonely or busy location?

Special precautions apply to a cash recycler located in a less busy location. It should have a stronger safe as well as more security features in and around the machine than a cash recycler placed in a busy location. These include, for example, anti-skimming devise detection or blast protection.

Is the cash recycler indoors or outdoors?

If a cash recycler is located outside the branch, we speak of Through The Wall (TTW). The cash recycler is installed with a window frame to the outside.

Cash recycler in the outdoor area of a branch

Questions about the business branch and the branch type

Depending on the strategy you pursue with your cash recycler and bank branches, the following questions may be relevant for you:

How high should the service level of the cash recycler be?

Do you want to offer your customers all the functions of a cash recycler? If so, you can make the best use of your machine. However, you should bear in mind that the machine should be well frequented so that the full-service equipment is profitable for you. Alternatively, you can equip the Cash Recycler with a lower level of service, down to cash supply only.

How high should the service level of the branch be?

What applies to the cash recycler may also be relevant for your individual branches: Not every branch has to have all the amenities. The equipment can range from full-service to self-service branches. Accordingly, the requirements placed on the machines in the respective branch are also different. Should coin withdrawals be possible? Would your customers like to make bank transfers? In border areas: Is foreign currency recycling relevant for your branch? All these questions should be taken into account when choosing the appropriate branch equipment.

Questions about the security of the configuration over the product life cycle

A cash recycler is a long-term investment. Adjustments that might be necessary in the future should be easy and flexible to realise:

Can future requirements and regulations be implemented flexibly?

We don't know exactly what the future holds and what regulations may come your way in the next few years. IT managers in particular therefore want to keep as many options open as possible. A flexible software and hardware system is the basic prerequisite for being able to react quickly to new regulations. KEBA cash recyclers offer you this necessary flexibility and thus also a high level of investment security.

Can new or additional functions be integrated easily?

A current topic from practice: You would like to make cash withdrawal even more convenient for your customers with NFC? With high-quality and sophisticated cash recyclers, the installation of the required module is simple and quick.

NFC-Technologie beim KEBA Cash Recycler

KEBA Cash Recycler support NFC.

Questions about the customer structure on site

Demographic characteristics of your customers should be taken into account when choosing the appropriate cash recycler:

Are my cash recyclers easily accessible for all customers?

The topic of accessibility is also ever-present in banking transactions: Are branches and cash recycler also accessible with a walker or wheelchair? Are there steps to negotiate? Are there narrow passages that are not passable with a pram?

Is it possible for visually impaired people to transact money in my branch or at my cash recycler?

It is not only the accessibility of the cash recycler for people with walking disabilities that must be taken into account. Visual impairments must also be considered. Applications can be presented better and more clearly on 19-inch displays than on 15-inch displays. Voice output of commands is another way to make banking easier for people with visual impairments. Another advantage of a larger display: you can use it as advertising space.

Junge Kundin im Rollstuhl am Automaten

Questions regarding sustainability

In the sense of acting in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving way, questions about the sustainability of cash recyclers have taken on a high priority in recent years:

Does the cash recycler work energy-efficiently?

Lighting, electronic security devices, several machines: A bank branch can consume quite a bit of energy during operation. This makes it all the more important to pay attention to energy efficiency when choosing the right cash recycler.

What happens to a discarded cash recyclers?

Cash recyclers made of high-quality and robust materials such as glass or metal guarantee a long product life and can be recycled at a very high percentage. At KEBA, this is 98.4%.

What are the next steps?

If you were able to answer the questions above for yourself, you have already laid an important foundation for the purchase of a cash recycler. Now it is time to choose the type of machine that suits you best.

As a pioneer in bank automation, we are happy to be at your side as a strong partner and support you with our know-how in the planning and realisation of your project. Feel free to contact us to clarify all the details. We look forward to working with you!

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