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Within the international XFS4Iot-Project technology experts, including KEBA, are working on a new global standard for the next generation of self-service systems that will have significant benefits for you as a customer.

What is XFS4IoT?

In the XFS4Iot project, manufacturers, like KEBA, as well as application developers and also banks are working together in a global committee to define a new future-proof standard called "XFS v4". This standard defines the control of so-called peripheral devices in self-service systems. Peripheral devices are components such as receipt printers, banknote depositors and dispensers, or card readers.

This further development will set new security standards but also enable new operating models. The use of XFS v4, for example, enables components to be controlled via the cloud.

KEBA is cooperating with the application manufacturers (SBS, KAL, ...) to enable the new standard and to use the advantages of this for our customers.

Why XFS4IoT?

The new version makes a significant leap as far as technology is concerned. The innovations listed here compactly:


The architecture is operating system independent.

Security by Design

Based on modern standards and focuses on security by design. From the beginning of the project, security has been the focus of the developments


With end-to-end (E2E) authentication, XFS is raised to a higher security level. Only the "sender" and the "receiver" can decrypt a message.


Self-service machines can be used as an IoT service. The hardware can be controlled directly from the cloud.

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