Increase efficiency and profitability with KEBA self-service terminals

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Banks are required to optimise their resources at all times. In the case of branches whose expenses are higher than their income, the question often arises: close them or continue to operate them? But such a decision is not easy to make, because the elimination of branches also has a great impact on bank customers. For this reason, it makes sense to take measures to increase the efficiency and profitability of branches.

KEBA self-service terminals for more efficient bank branches

A self-service terminal is an important step towards increasing efficiency and profitability. It offers a number of advantages that have a positive impact on both customers and staff.

Increase in self-service rate
Many banking transactions are standardised: withdrawing and depositing money or making transfers, for example, are standardised. Customers can use a cash recycler for these transactions without having to go to a counter.

Best operability & usability
In order for customers to carry out more banking transactions on their own, self-service terminals must be easy to use. Intuitive and uncomplicated use is just as important as barrier-free access to the branch and the machines. The better these aspects are implemented, the more frequently self-service terminalswill be used.

Relieving the burden on bank staff
A higher self-service rate also reduces the number of transactions at the counter. The bank branch employees are relieved and can focus on the profitable business - sales: there is more time for services such as credit or investment advice. More transactions in these areas also mean higher turnover and thus better profitability for the bank branch.

Additional functions and services
Bank branches are also subject to the changing times. Customers are quite critical and expect certain features from self-service terminals. If the branch cannot fulfil these expectations, it can have a negative effect on customer satisfaction. KEBA self-service terminals are extremely flexible and can be quickly adapted to new needs or circumstances. One example of such a function is the NFC module. This enables several contactless functions (payment, cash withdrawal or access control). Many customers already rely on this function, especially for cashless payments in shops. The NFC module is also well accepted for secure access to bank branches.

High availability
Features such as KEBA SmartRepair or Predictive Maintenance reduce downtimes to a minimum. The robust materials we use for our machines and highly developed software solutions also make a significant contribution to availability. The availability rate of KEBA terminals is currently 98.5 %. For a machine that is in operation 24/7, this means: On average, it is available 165.5 out of 168 hours per week to serve customers and relieve employees.

KEBA self-service terminals score with the best usability and can thus increase the self-service rate

Different functions make self-service terminals attractive for a wide range of target groups

Take the next step towards economic efficiency with KEBA

There are many ways to increase the efficiency and profitability of a bank branch. But not all of them are equally suitable for all branches. Discuss your ideas and wishes with us. Together we will work out the best solution for you.

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