KeBin S10 access system

A bank customer inserts her bank card into KeBin S10 and gains access to the branch.

From security comes efficiency

with the KEBA secure access system

Whenever money’s involved, security is paramount. And doubly so in self-service lobbies, where your customers engage with your services at all hours.

Reliable access control to your self-service areas for one part

  • strengthens your customers’ subjective perception of safety and
  • thus raises the efficiency of your branch.
  • For another, it also keeps your furnishings and equipment properly protected outside of staffed hours.

KeBin S10, KEBA’s intelligent lobby security and access control system, reliably handles access to your branches to ensure maximum safety for your customers.

State-of-the-art authentication

State-of-the-art authentication

with contactless technology

Secure access control

Secure access control

and full transparency

New functions

New functions

can always be added later

Cutting-edge design for all of your customers

The discreet design of KeBin S10 is clearly structured, making it intuitively easy to understand. Audio-visual user guidance guarantees that anyone will find it simple to use.

Easily understood icons and no text further increase the usability of the access control system.

Find out more about accessibility in the banking industry here.

Highlights at a glance

  • Access control system with state-of-the-art authentication (NFC, chip, magstripe)
  • Intelligent access system with full transparency
  • Smart control of lights, music, doors and more
  • Upgrade with extra features anytime
  • Secure, GDPR-compliant data processing
  • User-friendly remote control in web interface
  • Improved usability through audio-visual user guidance
  • Easy and inexpensive installation

24/7 self-service shops

KeBin S10 by access control manufacturer KEBA has been popular in the banking industry for a long time. Now, it is also being discovered and adopted more and more in unstaffed shops. The intelligent access control system can be used anywhere you want to control access with a bank card.

The highlights:

  • Reliable technology
  • Made in Austria
  • Bleeding-edge authentication using contactless technology
  • Easy to install and intuitive to use

Christoph Gallner, who owns Gallner’s Genusshof Haltestelle, already runs the KeBin S10 in his self-service shop.
Find out more here about why he chose the access control system and what he thinks of it so far.

Usable across a wide range of scenarios

The "Genusskistl" self-service store in Lassee also relies on the proven technology of the KeBin access system. opened in 2020, the self-service store offers locals as well as vacation and excursion guests special delicacies from the region.

The main reason why KEBA was chosen as the manufacturer was the modern technology and accessibility of the access solution. Find out more about the project here:

Quick to install, minimal service costs

The door modules of the predecessor models – the KeBin S6 and Pasador – are easily and quickly replaced with the KeBin S10 access control system.

Running service costs are also low:
your own personnel can perform all activities required for controlling the secure access system.

Innovative technology safeguards your investment

A comprehensive approach to security

  • Long-lived heavy-duty components and
  • cutting-edge technologies such as authentication by NFC
    ensure many years of reliable security.

The way KeBin is designed isn’t just for sleek looks, but also provides protection against skimming. Anything mounted on the front glass panel is quickly recognised as a foreign object, making the solution by access control manufacturer KEBA unappealing to criminals.

Your customers’ data are also optimally protected: they are encrypted for transmission and sent to the central unit in full compliance with the GDPR.

Read more about our security concept here.

Smart branch management now and tomorrow

The KeBin S10 access system features a web browser interface for you to comfortably control it from your office. The dashboard presents all key information at a single glance.

A calendar feature lets you add settings for irregular opening times alongside the regular weekday business hours.

There are also options for integrating smart applications in the vein of smart home features. KeBin S10 can activate room elements such as lighting and music to create a pleasant and welcoming ambience, even in unstaffed branches.

Looking for a KeBin sales partner?

Find a contact for your area here.

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