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    Tailor-made spindles from KEBA and Heinz Fiege

    Spindle technology

    Heinz Fiege GmbH is part of the KEBA Group and has been a supplier of precision tool spindles with mechanical bearings for over 50 years. We focus in particular on analyzing the specific application requirements in order to be able to offer the optimal custom solution.

    KEBA has been active in the field of magnetic bearing technology for over 20 years. Its Levispin R140 is a 3rd-generation magnetic bearing spindle. An oscillation motion superimposed over the feedrate creates outstanding possibilities, such as increasing the processing speed by more than 200 % and reducing the tool wear to below 50 %.

    Overview of our powerful spindles

    Tailor-made spindle technology for perfect solutions in grinding technology, and magnetic bearing spindles for revolutionary advances of the drilling process.

    Tool spindles with mechanical bearings

    Product illustration of a tool spindle

    Modern machining technology requires powerful, dynamic spindle drives.


    • High precision and long service life
    • Optimal adaptation to customer needs
    • Condition monitoring

    6D drilling - revolutionary innovation in drilling technology

    The vibration-assisted 6D drilling with a magnetic bearing spindle creates an entirely new drilling process. This creates shorter drill chips and less burr and at the same time achieves improved process speeds and drill hole quality. The built-in sensors additionally provide for intelligent process monitoring with material detection.


    • Increased productivity
    • Increased drill hole surface due to minimized friction from very small drill chips
    • Process optimization
    • Intelligent process monitoring

    LeviSpin - magnetic bearing drill spindle

    KEBA’s latest development is a magnetic bearing drill spindle with a HSK32 tool interface where the floating shaft is deflected and the frequency, amplitude, and vibration type are freely programmable via the CNC controller.

    Condition monitoring

    Less unplanned downtime!

    Are you looking for greater
    productivity and less unplanned downtime? We offer spindle systems with vibration analysis and crash detection.

    This enables you to implement effective predictive maintenance concepts and increase the availability of your machines. We are happy to advise you.

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