Contactless handover of parcels, goods and objects

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KePol and KEMAS lockers make handovers easy and safe. Pick up and drop off can take place around the clock and completely independent of opening hours. The persons involved have no direct, personal contact. The transmission of viruses and any risk of infection are nearly excluded.

Drop off and pick up parcels at any time
KePol parcel lockers have already been in use for around 20 years at countless postal and parcel service providers worldwide. Parcels that cannot be delivered are deposited in the KePol parcel locker. This saves the logistics service providers from making another delivery attempt and helps to reduce costs. Recipients benefit from the convenient 24/7 pick-up option, making them independent of restrictive opening hours.

Ideal for contactless handovers and Click & Collect
KePol machines can also be used for contactless transfer of goods of all kinds. They also represent a round-the-clock pick-up option for the increasingly popular Click & Collect shopping. With this form of e-commerce, items are ordered either online or by phone from a local provider and then picked up on site. Thanks to a KePol station, this is easily possible around the clock using a pick-up code, without having to observe opening times. With Click & Collect, the drop off and pick up of goods works without direct contact between the people involved, which means that possible virus transmission is almost impossible.

In a similar way, KePol systems can also be used to provide spare parts and all types of articles or objects - whether within the company or for external customers. Even the private exchange of goods - for example in the course of private internet trading - can be carried out easily and quickly via KePol lockers. After drop off, the sender or seller simply sends the required pick up code to the recipient or buyer.

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Press release

Contactless handovers via KePol and KEMAS lockers

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