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If your customers' working hours don't fit in with your store's opening hours, shopping can quickly turn into a spitfire. Instead of rushing to the store after hours, many people prefer to store conveniently online and then pick up their purchases at a pickup station at any time. How can you offer your customers this advantage? With KEBA Click & Collect!

The advantages of a Click & Collect solution
There are many reasons that speak for Click & Collect, both for you and for your customers. As an example of this multitude, we would like to give you a few selected advantages to help you decide:

  • Click & Collect offers you the opportunity to expand your customer base, because with this solution you also address customers who prefer to buy online rather than offline.

  • With a Click & Collect solution, you help to conserve resources: Your customers can pick up the products they have purchased on their way home from work, for example. This saves time and energy, as there is no need to make an extra trip to make the purchase.

  • Click & Collect minimizes your costs for packaging and shipping, both in terms of materials and shipping costs as well as personnel costs.

  • Cross-selling in combination with Click & Collect can be a sales booster for you: Show your customers products that match their shopping cart and increase your sales.

KePol parcel station: The extended store counter from KEBA
. With the KePol pick-up stations, we offer you a comprehensive overall solution for automating the transfer of goods to your customers - up to 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Depending on the specific application, different solutions with specific advantages are available to you. What do they all have in common? They are your "extended store counter", which sells to your customers beyond your usual market opening hours. The ordered goods can be conveniently picked up at the desired time using a QR code. We have already implemented various options here, depending on the requirements of the store operators. And no matter which verification method you choose for your Click & Collect solution: It is secure, convenient and discreet in any case. This guarantees maximum customer acceptance.

An example: How to make your customer Anita T. happy
Anita T. is 32 years old and is renovating their shared house at the countryside with her husband Günther. Home improvement stores are rare here, and Anita orders many things online with home delivery. But the long delivery times are a thorn in Anita's side, because after all, she wants the goods right away and not in a week's time.

Anita has a doctor's appointment in the city the day after tomorrow. This could be perfectly combined with a visit to the DIY store, but unfortunately Anita doesn't have very much time between work, the drive to the city, the doctor's appointment and the DIY store's closing time.

Nevertheless, Anita takes a look around the hardware store's website. She is looking for beautiful wooden picture frames for her living room and quickly finds what she is looking for. Matching cushions and a garland of lights are also suggested to her. She falls in love with the garland of lights, because she loves this cozy, pleasant light while reading her books.

Almost sad because she doesn't have time to stop by the hardware store, Anita sees a piece of information on the top line of the website that is more than important to her: "Click & Collect: Buy online, pick up 24/7 at the store.

A miracle! A little hesitant as to whether this Click & Collect is also secure, Anita reads through the process from ordering to collection. Fortunately, this is described in great detail on the website. So Anita puts the wooden picture frame, the garland of lights and two matching pillows, which were suggested to her by cross-selling, into the shopping cart and completes the order. She fixes the time for the pickup for the day after tomorrow at 6:30 pm. That gives her enough time to get from the doctor's office in the city center to the hardware store just outside.

Two days later: After the doctor's appointment, Anita sets off for the DIY store. Once there, she catches sight of the pick-up station, which should also contain her order. She pulls out her smartphone, opens the email with the pickup code and enters it into the user terminal. The system then opens the door. She heads straight there and picks up her wooden picture frame, the two pillows and the garland of lights.

Now everything is quickly packed into the car and Anita can start her journey home. She is more than happy to be able to call the products she has purchased her own and is grateful that the DIY store offers such an uncomplicated Click & Collect solution.

Secure your competitive advantage with the KEBA Click & Collect solution
If you as a store operator offer your customers the option of Click & Collect, you create a significant competitive advantage on the market. The solution is tailored to your individual requirements and offers your customers a convenient and unique shopping experience. Do you need more information or an assessment with regard to your specific use case? Please feel free to contact us!

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