Challenges for parcel service providers: solutions for an efficient last mile in logistics

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Online shopping is booming and parcel volumes are higher than ever before. While online store operators are happy about the rising sales and customers about the convenience of shopping, parcel service providers are confronted with ever greater challenges. The proverbial last mile of parcel delivery is often the most difficult - because many different factors play a major role here. Read this article to find out what these are and how KEBA optimizes "last mile delivery".

Difficulties with delivery in city centers and rural areas

Parcel delivery in inner cities can quickly become a spitfire:

  • One of the biggest problems in inner cities is the high volume of traffic. Traffic jams and accidents can delay delivery.

  • Once they arrive at the delivery location, parcel delivery staff face new challenges. Older buildings in particular often lack elevators. As a result, parcels often have to be transported over several floors to their destination. This is an almost impossible task, especially for heavy and bulky parcels.

  • The parking situation is also often a problem in city centers. Parking spaces are not always available directly at the delivery address.

Parcel service providers also face numerous challenges in rural areas:

  • Many houses are located far from the nearest town. The distances between the individual delivery addresses are therefore often considerable, which means that delivery takes a lot of time.

  • Road networks are sometimes poorly developed, which makes parcel delivery even more difficult.

  • Navigation systems do not always work reliably, so unplanned detours are the order of the day.

All these aspects make it difficult for delivery staff to do their work efficiently and on time.

Parcel lockers: The solution for efficient last-mile delivery

Further challenges in parcel delivery

It's not just the volume of parcels that causes problems. The different delivery requests also lead to ever greater challenges. Specific time windows in which delivery is to take place or parcel collection from stores (keyword: Click & Collect) are important factors that have to be taken into account. But despite all the stumbling blocks, parcel delivery should be efficient, fast and cost-effective.

Many parcel service providers therefore rely on technology: handy devices that simplify the delivery process or mobile applications that make it possible to optimally plan tours are one way to optimize parcel delivery. The development of delivery drones is also being pushed. However, at this point in time, this technology is not fully mature and therefore not ready for use to date.

Parcel stations as solutions for efficient last mile parcel delivery

At KEBA, we have been going our own way for many years: We rely on parcel lockers that make last-mile delivery efficient for all users - parcel service providers and end customers:

  • Deliverers deposit several parcels at a central location. This eliminates the need to drive to many individual delivery addresses - especially in urban areas. The number of unsuccessful delivery attempts is also reduced to a minimum. All this optimizes parcel delivery and the parcel service provider saves time and money.

  • Customers can pick up their parcels at the parcel station at a time that suits them. They are therefore not tied to opening hours, but can access their parcel at any time, for example using an app on their smartphone or a code.

Each parcel station can be specifically adapted to the requirements of the respective parcel service provider or location. The size of the parcel station and the dimensions of the individual compartments can also be individually specified, as can the type of energy supply. This flexibility makes our parcel stations an efficient tool when it comes to optimizing the last mile of parcel delivery.

Are you also confronted with ever-increasing logistics challenges? Are you looking for a solution to optimize last mile delivery for you and your customers? We would be happy to assist you with our many years of experience - from the inquiry to the installation of your parcel station.

Contact us to discuss any questions as well as your specific ideas!

It's easy to use - for all user groups.

With a parcel station, parcel delivery can be optimized and made efficient.

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