Making the right choice: 5 essential factors to consider when deciding on a click & collect solution

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Order online and collect in shop - also called "Click & Collect" - has experienced a real boom in recent years. Many companies have started this service out of necessity, paving the way for a previously rather unknown and little-used form of shopping. But is Click & Collect suitable for all companies and industries? What needs to be considered? What precautions need to be taken? In this blog post, we look at 5 considerations that should be taken into account in the run-up to the introduction of a Click & Collect solution.

1. Is Click & Collect worthwhile with regard to the product range?

Every business that has a website with an online shop can offer Click & Collect. It doesn't matter whether it's an electronics retailer, a DIY store, a restaurant, a drugstore or a florist shop. For retailers in particular, a Click & Collect solution is an exciting opportunity to link the online offer with the stationary trade. This creates an attractive and holistic shopping experience for customers.

However, not all products offered may be equally suitable for Click & Collect. Factors such as shelf life, package size or pick-up time must always be taken into account. Restaurant customers are unlikely to be happy with food that has cooled down. And it is probably difficult to fit a washing machine in the compartment of a pick-up station. Accordingly, it may be necessary to set specific pick-up conditions for individual products or product groups - and to communicate these clearly and comprehensibly.

2. Does the company have the necessary resources to handle Click & Collect?

If a company wants to offer Click & Collect, appropriate processes must be defined and resources reserved. Is there sufficient staff available so that at least one employee is always free to process a Click & Collect order? Are there easily accessible storage areas where the ordered goods can be temporarily stored until collection? Can any questions asked by customers during the collection process be answered? Is the Click & Collect area well marked and accessible? Ideally, it should be located in the entrance area so that customers can pick up their order quickly and easily - and don't have to walk through the entire shop, for example.

Always consider the background of an online order: Your customer wants to pick up the ordered products quickly and not have to spend a lot of time doing so. Make the collection process as efficient and smooth as possible - otherwise you will not be able to convince your customers to use Click & Collect.

3. How is the new offer communicated? Do customers accept Click & Collect solutions?

Simply introducing Click & Collect is not enough - you also need to communicate the new offer to your customers. Inform them about the process, any fixed collection times and other collection conditions. The latest time by which an order must be received so that it can be collected on the same day is also an important point that should be communicated. Use multiple channels such as website, social media profiles and newsletters to reach as many customers as possible.

Also remember that it may take some time for the new offer to be accepted and adopted. We recommend that smaller businesses in particular: Keep the collection process as simple as possible at the beginning. Once Click & Collect has established itself as a sales channel, you can invest further in the infrastructure.

Click & Collect is suitable for many product groups.

4. How are returns handled?

In general, Click & Collect offers a right of withdrawal of 14 days for orders placed in the online shop. Nevertheless, set guidelines for returns and complaints about the products collected: Can these be complained about to service staff or at the checkout or must they be returned at the Click & Collect collection counter? Does the return have to be announced using an (online) form? How is the money returned?

Especially with a high Click & Collect volume, we recommend standardising the return process. Otherwise it can quickly become confusing and chaotic - to the chagrin of your employees and your customers.

5. Should Click & Collect also be possible outside opening hours?

If your business hours and the working hours of your customers do not match, KEBA comes into play. With our Click & Collect solutions, you can offer your customers the opportunity to pick up their ordered goods outside of business hours - at specially designed pick-up stations.

With the KePol parcel lockers, we offer flexible solutions for companies that want to offer Click & Collect independently of business opening hours. The goods are handed over contactlessly, automatically and at a time that suits the customer using a QR code, app or number code. A (permanently manned) collection counter is not necessary. The only requirement is that staff must be available to fill the pick-up locker.

With Click & Collect solutions, customers can also pick up their ordered goods outside opening hours.

Introduce Click & Collect: Sales channel with a lot of potential

With a Click & Collect solution, you can add another exciting sales channel to your business. The potential is huge: you can attract and retain new customers, increase your sales and create a unique and holistic shopping experience.

Before Click & Collect is introduced, the framework conditions must be defined and the necessary resources reserved or created. In particular, storage and drop-off areas, collection counters and staff play a role here. The issue of the extended shop counter, i.e. the collection of ordered goods outside opening hours, should also be considered. We are happy to support you with our flexible and individual pick-up lockers and our decades of experience in the automated transfer of goods. Contact us and let's talk about your specific application. We look forward to implementing your Click & Collect solution together with you.

KEBA is your experienced partner for the introduction of your individual Click & Collect solution.

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