May 19-22, 2019, Lyon, France

KEBA at the EVS 32

Electric mobility is booming. Electric cars are becoming a real alternative for more and more people. Why? Longer ranges, lower acquisition costs and larger selection of models are driving growth while access to charging networks is increasing on a global scale.

We at KEBA are convinced that the future of electric mobility lies in smart charging stations. The shift to electric mobility will only succeed when the charging infrastructure becomes easy and convenient to use, and offers opportunities for networking with alternative energies.

Our KEBA KeContact P30 wall box puts energy suppliers, automobile manufacturers, car fleet operators and electric car owners on the right path. Because it is much more than just a power charging station – we made it smart.

Experience this exciting product at our booth at the EVS 32, the 32nd “International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition”. Hosted in a different country each year, the EVS attracts high-level professionals from all over the world.

We look forward to your visit at the KEBA trade show booth C13.


Our expert who is giving a speech


What are the three key factors for creating an amazing “charging experience” for users? I will answer this question in the first of seven sessions at the EVS symposium. You can attend this session on Monday, May 20, from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm in the Bocuse Plenary Room.

Dawid Zajkowski
KEBA Sales Director

Our highlights


150,000 wall boxes sold worldwide

With over 150,000 units sold, the KEBA KeContact P30 is among the three most sold wall boxes in the world. As a result, the Austrian automation expert KEBA has become one of the market leaders in the manufacturing of charging stations. Now in its third generation, our wall box offers numerous technical features and communication interfaces and is smarter than ever. It can be used not only to charge, but also control, communicate and network.

10 years of electric mobility at KEBA

When KEBA presented its first charging station prototype in 2009, electric mobility was just a vision for the future. The company however really believed in this business sector, and with its eye for trends and innovations clearly made the right choice. Today this wall box pioneer is celebrating its 10 year anniversary and realizes that everything that has happened so far is merely the beginning. After all, the technological shift from internal combustion engine to the electric drive is only now in the starting phase.

Our certifications

Clear marks of quality, safety and ease-of-use

E.V. Ready
Our KEBA KeContact P30 wall box complies with the strict guidelines of the French approval authority ASEFA.

Z.E. Ready
Also fulfilled: The guidelines agreed for the Renault ZOE – the most popular electric car in France.

ADAC test result “very good”

Last September ADAC, Germany’s largest automobile association, rigorously tested 12 charging stations for electric cars. The result: Half of them were not even worthy of recommendation. The KEBA KeContact P30, on the other hand, received a “very good” result with an overall grade of 1.3 and is recommended without restriction. KEBA was the test winner for wall boxes up to 4.6 kW. ADAC particularly praised the reliability and ease-of-use of these devices. Also praised was the integrated DC leakage detection feature, which makes retrofitting with an expensive FI type B unnecessary.

Wall box as MID-certified meter

Charging and billing in public areas

When it comes to charging with electricity, KEBA counts on the inner values. What looks like an electric car charging station from the outside is in truth much more ... The KEBA KeContact P30 wall box is already a MID-certified meter. This allows consumption-based charging and billing without additional hardware in public areas where, for example, charging stations are installed along the road.


Premium “Made in Austria” brand quality

From the heart of Europe to the whole world!

From our own development and production center in Linz, Austria, we provide customers and partners with complete solutions with perfectly matched hardware and software.

The in-house KEBA test laboratory regularly tests our charging stations with the latest electric cars to ensure that everything runs smoothly in real life operation.

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