New features including excess PV charging

Software update 1.15 for x-series wallboxes now available

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Those who opt for KEBA x-series charging stations are also regularly provided with software updates even after purchase. In this way, we continuously provide our customers with new functions, further developments of the user interface and security updates. The latest software version 1.15 includes several optimisations for all x-series KeContact P30 charging stations.

Optimisations & features provided by the new software update 1.15

  • Optimized excess PV charging (IPVC)
  • Configuration of excess PV charging incl. Boost function via web interface or KEBA eMobility App
  • Integration of the KeContact E10 Smart Energy Meter
  • Integration of Fronius inverters for reading measured values from the Fronius Smart Meter
  • Automatic 1-/3-phase switching in combination with the KeContact S10
  • Optimization of the RestAPI
  • UK security features

Details of the KEBA KeContact PV package including the climate-neutral KeContact P30 PV EDITION and the PV sets can be found here.

Updates are that simple

There are three ways to get your KEBA KeContact P30 x-series software up to date:

  1. Using the app: Probably the fastest and easiest method for updating the software of the x-series is to use the KEBA eMobility App. You will find the option to update the wallbox in the settings within the app.

  2. Using the web interface: It also works similarly quickly with the web interface. The System menu option takes you to the Software Update page, where you can choose the latest software version.

  3. Über ein OCPP-Backend: ein Remote-Update kann alternativ ebenso über das OCPP-Backend und einen FTP-Link erfolgen.

  4. Using a USB stick: In addition to the above-mentioned preferred update options, the update can also be installed directly on the wallbox using a USB flash drive.

All options are automated, which means no special knowledge is required. Find detailed instructions, including the required links and files for all update options, here.

Download the latest software updates

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