KEBA and Wallbox-Profi celebrate anniversary

Perfect support from a professional: when the name says it all

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The company Wallbox-Profi in Augsburg has been offering KEBA wallboxes in its product portfolio for more than 3 years. Time to take a look behind the scenes of the provider of charging infrastructure for private customers and companies.

Electric driving, ok, but charging?

Many drivers are currently thinking about switching to an electric car or receiving an electric car from their employer as a new company vehicle. The biggest concerns arise in connection with charging at home: Costs, structural measures, general feasibility, e.g. in rural areas - these are all things that customers are concerned about.

"Just connect a wallbox" - well, not quite...

Whether you are a homeowner or want to properly equip a house for your tenants - a competent partner is a great help when it comes to not only finding the right wallbox, but also planning and efficiently implementing the entire project. Connection capacities, load management, fire protection and any construction work, legal bases - all of these and many more are aspects that go far beyond the installation of the hardware and should be implemented holistically by a professional if required.

A professional - not just for private customers

The company Wallbox-Profi can justifiably claim that its name says it all. And it's not just 300 private customers who rely on the expert team's perfect support: around 30 major projects in the public sector or at companies have already been realised with KEBA wallboxes, achieving a satisfactory result for all parties involved, from planning and installation to billing the individual users.

Practical test: KEBA has passed!

"Initially, we had very little knowledge and had to familiarise ourselves with the topic. We offer different manufacturers and were initially surprised at how easy it was to install the KEBA P30. Simple installation and configuration is an important point for our employees and, of course, our customers," says Marcel Pfiffner, Managing Director of Wallbox-Profi.

The fact that the wallboxes from KEBA are completely Made in Austria and that there is always someone available from the manufacturer for questions, concerns or tips when handling projects are further reasons to recommend KEBA and to install them frequently in construction projects. The devices are also used within the company - because, of course, care was taken to be fit for the mobility of the future when the company built its own new building.

Optimally meeting customer needs

The KEBA product portfolio also offers the right answer to many specific questions, such as the billing of charging processes for company cars with the employer or charging solutions for the hotel and catering industry.

PV excess charging has become a major issue, especially for customers with their own homes. After all, if you have invested in a PV system, you want to use as much of the electricity you produce yourself as possible so that the costs are amortised. Here too, KEBA wallboxes are the clear favourites for Wallbox-Profi. "We get a lot of enquiries here and are pleased to be able to offer a reliable product with a clear conscience," says Pfiffner.

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