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The WAVE, Austria’s largest EV rally, visits KEBA

The WAVE TROPHY, the world’s largest electric vehicle rally, toured through Austria from September 21 to 29, 2018. On September 27, almost 70 teams made a pit stop at the KEBA headquarters in Linz, including a team from the KEBA automation experts themselves.

The WAVE TROPHY was started 10 years ago by Louis Palmer and has now become the world’s largest EV rally. Around 70 brightly colored teams joined the rally this year to demonstrate how electromobility offers a clean form of transportation that is suitable for everyday use.

As the “Green Technology Tour”, WAVE also visits clean energy pioneers and companies and provides teams with an exciting glimpse behind the scenes. KEBA, which has been active in the electromobility sector since 2009 and is one of the leading manufacturers of intelligent charging infrastructure, participated in this event in two ways – first as a company team consisting of eight KEBA employees and second as a stage endpoint for all rally drivers at KEBA’s headquarters.

The teams were welcomed in the underground car park of KEBA in Linz. After a short keynote speech the teams were given a tour of the KEBA production facilities, played a virtual e-car race on a gaming station and discussed electromobility with CTO Franz Höller and other KEBA employees.

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The teams of WAVE Trophy Austria

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