KEBA and Automobili Estrema announcing partnership

Climate-neutral KEBA charging stations now also for the Italian 1.5MW hypercar Fulminea

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During the visit by Automobili Estrema CEO Gianfranco Pizzuto in Linz, it was announced that we at KEBA are Automobili Estrema's selected partner in the area of charging. Proudly the Italian electromobility pioneer and investor, who has been committed to electromobility since 2007 reported on its plans.
Automobili Estrema CEO Gianfranco Pizzuto at KEBA with a KEBA charging station and the Hypercar and KEBA Energy Automation GmbH CEO Christoph Knogler

With the Italian-based car manufacturer Automobili Estrema, Automobili Estrema CEO Gianfranco Pizzuto plans to deliver its first electric sports car, the Fulminea, to California at the end of 2023. The Fulminea is a 1.5 MW (2039 hp) hypercar that features a particularly innovative, hybrid, compact and safe battery system. With supercaps familiar from Formula E, the vehicle will accelerate from zero to 320 km/h in less than 10 seconds.

KEBA and Automobili Estrema – two pioneers in electromobility

Around the same time, in 2009 and 2007, KEBA and South Tyrolean businessman Gianfranco Pizzuto began to get involved in electromobility. Pizzuto was first an investor in Fisker Automotive, played a major role in shaping the history of the Fisker Karma hybrid sports car and handled numerous electromobility projects worldwide. For example, he assisted Ionity in Italy with infrastructure development and traversed half of Europe with a prototype of the Fiat 500e. In 2018, he was assigned as Brand Ambassador for the launch of the Jaguar I-PACE model in Italy. Today, Gianfranco Pizzuto is also active as an international keynote speaker, columnist and eMobility influencer.

With his company Automobili Estrema, Pizzuto plans to launch the hypercar "Fulminea" next year, an all-electric supercar with over 2,000 hp and innovative battery technology. Other models are to follow.

At KEBA Energy Automation, the focus is sustainability. Christoph Knogler, CEO, explains how this interacts with a cooperation on the topic of hypercars as follows: "In order to implement the move away from fossil fuels as a whole, alternative clean energy sources must penetrate all areas of mobility and all use cases. Our focus is on passenger cars in all their forms. From the smallest car concept to the everyday vehicle, the SUV to sports cars, which also include hypercars. Where there is demand, there should also be suitable electromobility solutions. This is where we make our contribution."

Gianfranco Pizzuto agrees with this view: "In the field of hypercars, we are already working with technologies today that will become established in "normal" electromobility in five or ten years. Here we are already experiencing the technology of tomorrow. The best example is our 3D-printed solid-state batteries."

Sustainability paired with future-proof technology

The Austrian company KEBA, in turn, launched its first climate-neutral charging station for electric cars last year and in April 2022 put its entire portfolio of wallboxes on a climate-neutral footing with a CO2-neutral footprint. This reconciles sustainability with future-proof technology.

Six years ago, Gianfranco Pizzuto experienced the KEBA charging stations in action for the first time during a trip through Tyrol and used them to charge his electric car. "The robustness as well as the simple and extremely intuitive operation of the KEBA charging stations impressed me from the very beginning. I have also been charging my electric car privately at a KEBA wallbox for years and am happy to recommend it to others," says Gianfranco Pizzuto.

Automobili Estrema recommends that Fulminea customers use charging technology from Austria and purchase a charging station as an accessory for charging at home. Fulminea customers can also have their wallboxes personalized according to their own ideas, i.e. have the cover individually designed with their own logos, graphics or texts. KEBA offers this special service to all customers at the eMobility Store in Linz. Individualization is possible here up to a quantity of 1. After a tour of the KEBA production site in Linz and a visit to the KEBA eMobility Store, Gianfranco Pizzuto summarizes: "KEBA has managed to combine future-proofing and reliable technology with genuine sustainability. I look forward to further expanding the cooperation with KEBA in the future and advancing electromobility together."

Christoph Knogler: "We are delighted about this exciting cooperation and the positive feedback on our products and wish Automobili Estrema all the best for the upcoming series transition and the launch of the Fulminea."

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