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KEBA and Easelink are working on a joint product

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The Austrian charging pioneers KEBA and Easelink are now pooling their expertise. The two companies share the same mission of enabling electric mobility on a broad scale by employing their technologies to make the charging of electric vehicles convenient, efficient and smart. In the future, KEBA customers will be able to easily extend their wallboxes with the automated conductive Matrix Charging® technology.

KEBA and Easelink

The e-mobility specialist KEBA is a leading manufacturer of wallboxes and charging solutions. The high-tech company Easelink has specialized in automating the charging process by developing the Matrix Charging® technology. Matrix Charging® is an automated conductive charging solution consisting of a vehicle unit and a stationary unit (charging pad) on the parking space. This system is therefore able to fully automate the charging process, eliminating the need for a classic charging cable connected to a wallbox that must be plugged in by hand. Matrix Charging® is currently being used under real-world conditions on over 60 electric taxis in Vienna and Graz in the eTaxi Austria project, the world’s largest project for automated charging of electric taxis.

KEBA and Easelink are now working on the next product generation of Matrix Charging® for the charging of electric vehicles at home. One focus of the cooperation is to offer Matrix Charging® as a feature to both new and existing customers as an additional automated charging interface alongside the classic cable of KEBA wallboxes. The Matrix Charging® system establishes an automated connection between the car and the power grid. KEBA has sold over 500,000 wallboxes around the world. In the future, customers who already rely on KEBA wallboxes will have the option of very easily adding Matrix Charging® to their system.

“We are extremely pleased to be working together with e-mobility specialist KEBA on the next generation of charging at home.”

Gregor Eckhard
COO Easelink

“KEBA’s many years of industry expertise and deep-seated competence, ranging from electronic development to manufacturing, strengthens the position of the Matrix Charging technology as a future interoperable charging standard,” says Gregor Eckhard, COO of Easelink.

Easelink is working with leading international automotive companies and suppliers on the realization of a global Matrix Charging® standard. The technology, which offers outstanding efficiency and robustness at low manufacturing costs, is already in use today, such as in the eTaxi project in Vienna and Graz.

“The Easelink technology has impressed KEBA with the high level of convenience it offers to users of electric vehicles, and it excellently complements our portfolio of intelligent charging solutions.”

Gerhard Weidinger
CTO KEBA Energy Automation

“The automation of the charging process and the almost continuous connection between the electric car and the home electrical system offers tremendous potential. This is especially true with regard to optimizing charging to take advantage of excess PV power, assisting in grid stabilization and enabling bidirectional charging – under the heading of vehicle to home (V2H),” explains Gerhard Weidinger, CTO KEBA Energy Automation.

The partnership between KEBA and Easelink is the next important step towards better integrating electric vehicles into the power grid and intelligently controlling charging processes in the future.

Convenient charging: The parked electric vehicle automatically connects to the Matrix Charging® Pad, which is connected to the KEBA Wallbox.
Convenient charging: The parked electric vehicle automatically connects to the Matrix Charging® Pad, which is connected to the KEBA Wallbox.

About Matrix Charging® by Easelink

With the Matrix Charging® charging technology, the electric vehicle is charged automatically without the need to manually plug in a charging cable. As soon as the vehicle is positioned above a fixed charging pad in the parking lot, the Matrix Charging® Pad, a so-called Connector is lowered from the underbody of the vehicle. The Connector connects to the Matrix Charging® Pad fully automatically.

About Easelink

Headquartered in Graz, Austria, Easelink is the leading provider of automated electric vehicle charging solutions. Its patented Matrix Charging® technology is the most cost-effective and energy-efficient solution available to global automotive brands and their Tier 1 suppliers. From offices in Austria and China with over 45 employees, Easelink works with a number of leading automotive and infrastructure partners to deploy the technology in a range of use cases.

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