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After introducing a smartphone app for our wallboxes last year, there is now an additional new way to control, monitor and configure the charging stations via browser - the KEBA eMobility Portal.

KEBA eMobility Portal complements KEBA eMobility App

With the KEBA eMobility App, we introduced a solution last year that allows customers to conveniently manage their own charging stations via smartphone - now they can also do this remotely, from anywhere in the world. In addition, there is now a new browser based solution for PCs and tablets that makes it even easier to manage your own charging stations from home or the office and offers new features: the KEBA eMobility Portal.

All app functions from control to evaluation also available in the portal

The KEBA eMobility Portal masters the basic functions of the app: from the actual charging control to the management of users and their rights to the configuration of charging points and the simple updating of the wallbox. Charging sessions can also be monitored, evaluated and exported as PDF or CSV files.

Additional features of the KEBA eMobility Portal

In addition, you can create or configure charging profiles in the KEBA eMobility Portal and thus define fixed charging times along with maximum charging power for certain wallboxes. For example, freely accessible charging stations at companies are only active during business hours so that electricity only flows to guests. For those who have their electric car connected to the wallbox at home overnight, the charging profiles can be used to set charging times so that the car starts charging early in the morning, and thus is always fully charged when you leave for work. And the battery will be preheated as well.

Further functionalities are in the starting blocks: These include the automatic sending of monthly charging reports by e-mail. This makes it much easier for users of company cars, for example, who charge at home, to bill their company. In the near future, the KEBA eMobility Portal will also be able to map a charging network consisting of a master and various client wallboxes. In addition, the management of RFID cards will soon be possible in the portal.

Up until the end of 2023, the KEBA eMobility Portal will be available to everyone free of charge. Further information and updates can be found at:


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