KeContact P30 PV EDITION: Make the best use of the energy from your PV system

Complete solution for efficient charging with solar power

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A PV system on your roof lowers your energy costs and is an important building block on the path to energy self-sufficiency. Individual mobility also becomes significantly cheaper when the power for your electric car comes from your very own solar power plant. This is why we developed the KeContact P30 PV EDITION.

Optimised excess PV charging

We designed our PV EDITION wallboxes and PV sets to maximise the use of self-produced solar power for your own electric vehicle. This means that the energy from your home photovoltaic system is primarily used to power your house and all the excess power is used to power your electric car. This is referred to as maximum or optimised excess PV charging. This is because PV power is only fed into the grid when it is no longer needed by your house and vehicle.
This saves users of our PV solution a lot of money – after all, the feed-in tariff is usually significantly lower than the cost of electricity from the grid. It also significantly shortens the payback period of the PV system.
It is also good to know that you can sustainably cover a larger part of your mobility with self-produced electricity. This is both sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Dynamic control through communication with a smart energy meter

Optimised excess PV charging is made possible by constant communication between a smart energy meter at the house connection, which measures the electricity demand of the house at any given moment, and our wallbox. The result is a dynamic control of the charging current: as soon as the PV power is higher than your house's current demand, the difference is always made available in full to your electric car.

PV only, automatic power mix and boost mode

Using our KEBA eMobility App or the web interface, the PV EDITION wallbox can be configured to charge with PV energy only. Otherwise, the charging station automatically mixes solar and grid energy as soon as the PV excess is insufficient for the desired charging performance. The amount of PV excess can be individually configured between 0 and 100 percent. And when you’re in a hurry, the wallbox’s boost mode delivers maximum power immediately, independent of weather or sunlight. And even then, the wallbox uses as much PV energy as possible.

Complete solution – available as a set with smart energy meter and phase converter

Our climate-neutral KeContact P30 PV EDITION wallbox is also available as a version with a fixed cable, connector, or shutter. The individual charging stations are also available in the convenient “PV Set Advanced” with our KeContact E10 Smart Energy Meter and our KeContact S10 Phase Switching Device. If an energy meter that is compatible with our wallboxes is already installed, no further investment is needed, as our wallboxes can communicate with external devices.

The sets also contain a phase converter, KeContact S10, which allows you to switch between single- and three-phase charging. This is necessary to use even low PV output – for instance during bad weather conditions or in small PV systems – to charge and thus maximise the consumption of your own solar energy.

If you wish to pass on the cost for the power charged – for instance to your employer – our “PV Set Professional” and its company car wallbox offers everything you need.

Our sets for efficient excess PV charging

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