Software update for x-series KEBA wallboxes

1.13 with new features and improved user experience

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The latest software update for KEBA’s x-series wallboxes offers both technical improvements and operating comfort. As always, it is free of charge and easy to install. So, we stay true to our principle: to keep improving our own products when they are already in use.
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Software updates for wallboxes are an integral part of the product. They ensure that buyers become long-time happy users and that there is no need, even years later, for replacing the installed charging station. These continuous improvements make our wallboxes fit for the future – and are free of charge. The latest software – version 1.13 – brings several improvements for all KeContact P30 x-series charging stations.

Monthly overview of charging sessions via email

The updated software automatically provides P30 x-series users with monthly email statements about the charging sessions of their wallboxes as well as those of the connected c-series wallboxes. The statements are automatically sent monthly by e-mail in the form of a universally usable PDF file. Hence, manual information retrieval is a thing of the past. It makes billing processes or the compilation of statistics a virtual breeze.

RFID now with username option

From now on, different users can be assigned individual names. Thus far, only the serial number on a person’s RFID card has hinted at the user’s identity, but users can now choose their name to provide a better overview in analysis.

Function to effectively avoid unbalanced load

An unbalanced load is when the phases in a three-phase power system are loaded unevenly. A high unbalanced load leads to increased losses and puts a strain on the electricity grid. This phenomenon can occur with electric vehicles that can only charge single-phase or two-phase. These include plug-in hybrids, among others. The unbalanced load limit in Germany is 4.6 kW (230 V at 20 A). With our latest software update 1.13 the built-in safety mechanism now optionally extends to the entire charging network of master (x-series) and client wallboxes (c-series).

Updates are that simple

There are three ways to get your KEBA KeContact P30 x-series software up to date: The quickest way is through the web interface. The System menu option takes you to the Software Update page, where you can choose the latest software version. Alternatively, you can also do a remote update via the OCPP backend and an FTP link. Additionally, you can update your wallbox directly with a USB flash drive. All options are automated, which means no special knowledge is required. Find detailed instructions, including the required links and files for all update options, here.


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