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KEBA launches their new wallbox generation KeContact P40 / P40 Pro

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KEBA, one of Europe's leading manufacturers of wallboxes, is expanding its portfolio and presenting the new KeContact P40 and P40 Pro wallboxes. It is the perfect expansion of the KEBA eMobility portfolio, which has been well-established on the market for years and is centred around the KeContact P30, a go to choice which has sold over 550,000 units. The wallbox is specifically developed for the requirements of home, fleet and semi/public charging.

"The latest wallbox from KEBA represents over 15 years of experience in the development and production of innovative, future-oriented charging technologies and also the intensive examination of the needs of various user groups such as electricians, e-car drivers and Charge Point Operators," explains Stefan Richter, CEO of KEBA Energy Automation. With the KeContact P40 for single and multi-family households and the P40 Pro for commercial use, KEBA is launching a generation of wallboxes that not only impress with their reliability and performance, but, additionally stand out with their simple installation and user-friendliness.

Functionality meets design

Throughout the development., special attention was paid to create an appealing, modern design. The new KeContact P40 / P40 Pro wallbox generation has a compact, minimalistic and timeless elegant look in the colours white and black. Its form is characterised by KEBA's typical striking flanks and the dynamic shape reflects well-known aesthetics from the automotive design. KEBA's easy-to-use philosophy is clearly recognizable in the simple, intuitive interface as well as in the cable holder incorporated into the design.

Easy to install – modular design and an integrated RCD type A fault protection switch

The modular concept, 3-point mounting and integrated cable seals make the wallbox easy to install quickly. The new wallbox is altogether more compact and smaller than the previous models, but still offers the electrician a sufficiently large connection space to enable convenient access during installation . The KeContact P40/P40 Pro wallbox offers a major advantage with its integrated Type A RCD developed in compliance with international standards. This results in cost savings during installation, as a separate RCD within the house installation is no longer required. This streamlined concept not only benefits end-users by reducing costs but also facilitates a more straightforward installation process for electricians, leading to a significant reduction in connection work.

Easy to configure – the installer mode makes it simple

The KeContact P40 / P40 Pro can be configured and controlled intuitively. Thanks to the installer mode integrated in the KEBA eMobility app, initial commissioning is quick and easy via Bluetooth - even without an internet connection! Charging points can also be conveniently managed and controlled from the browser-based eMobility portal.

Easy to connect – the networked wallbox

Thanks to numerous interfaces, KeContact P40 / P40 Pro can be ideally integrated into various backends, energy management systems and smart home systems. The integrated Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) provides the basis for professional communication with backend systems from numerous manufacturers and providers. This makes the wallbox ideal for Charge Point Operators.

Automatically optimised PV surplus charging

The integration of a wallbox into a PV system in order to optimise the use of self-generated electricity for charging is an essential function in terms of sustainable mobility. Thanks to the phase switching integrated in the KeContact P40 / P40 Pro, the wallbox automatically adapts its charging power to the available power from the PV system and thus ensures optimised PV surplus charging. This means that charging is also possible in instanceswith low PV power.

Future-proof investment

The modular design of the new wallbox not only makes installation easier. It also means that future upgrades or any necessary repairs during the lifetime of the wallbox, such as replacing the charging cable, can be carried out quickly and easily on site. The hardware and software design is cutting-edge and designed to be future-proof. It can effectively meet both current and anticipated requirements set by standards like ISO15118 and comply with national and international network requirements.

Digital ecosystem provides an overview

With KEBA's established digital solutions, charging stations can be accessed from anywhere. The KEBA eMobility App and the KEBA eMobility Portal offer extensive options for configuration, monitoring and control. The app is the convenient interface between the wallbox and the user, making it easy to start, adjust, stop and analyse charging sessions. The browser-based portal for PC and tablet can be used, to efficiently manage several wallboxes at different locations, pre-plan charging time slots and manage roles and rights.

Load management

Load management is an important topic in the KEBA eMobility portfolio. In combination with the KEBA charging management controller KeContact M20, the available energy is distributed intelligently and the use of resources is optimised, which reduces costs sustainably. This way, even large charging networks, e.g. company car parks or underground car parks, can be managed easily and safely. A charging network of Up to 200 KEBA Wallboxes can be operated in this manner.

New pedestal – well thought-out and barrier-free

If the wallbox needs to be free-standing or if there is no wall to mount it on, KEBA has designed a robust pedestal that matches the overall concept and is suitable for the KeContact P30 generation as well as for the new KeContact P40 / P40 Pro. It is also suitable for both single and double wallbox mounting. Thanks to the basic shape - derived from the KEBA logo - the plug holder always faces the user. Accessibility is an important issue for KEBA. Therefore, the mounting height of the wallbox on the KEBA pedestal fulfils the EN 301 549 standard for accessibility.

Sustainable quality produced in Europe

KEBA wallboxes are developed and manufactured in Austria and therefore stand for quality from Europe. All developmental and production processes are streamlined to minimize the carbon footprint of the KEBA eMobility portfolio. The KeContact P40 / P40 Pro fits perfectly into the CO₂-optimised product portfolio of KEBA Energy Automation. This underlines KEBA's ongoing commitment to sustainable solutions, as the company launched its first CO₂-optimised wallbox in 2021.

Christoph Knogler, CEO of KEBA Group AG said on the occasion of the market launch of the new KeContact P40 / P40 Pro: "Our latest generation of wallboxes combines technological innovation and aesthetics. With its intuitive handling, we are setting new standards in terms of usability following our 'easy to use' philosophy. It also demonstrates our commitment to innovative charging technologies and the sustainable decarbonisation of the mobility sector."

(f.l.t.r) Gerhard Weidinger, CTO KEBA Energy Automation GmbH - Christoph Knogler, CEO KEBA Group AG - Stefan Richter, CEO KEBA Energy Automation GmbH
(f.l.t.r) Gerhard Weidinger, CTO KEBA Energy Automation GmbH - Christoph Knogler, CEO KEBA Group AG - Stefan Richter, CEO KEBA Energy Automation GmbH

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