KEBA wallboxes are now available in all common planning tools.

BIM data of our charging stations is now available

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Planning offices and installation companies rely on planning software to optimally implement construction projects. Such a software requires so-called BIM data to accurately depict our wallboxes. These digital twins are now available.

KEBA provides Building Information Modelling data

The growing number of electric vehicles has also increased the need for a charging infrastructure – a reality that must be taken into account in forward-looking building planning. People who plan and build such structures often use software that creates a digital replica of the building, which in turn is composed using the data of its individual components. This is called Building Information Modelling, or BIM for short. In order for planners and architects to integrate the intended charging infrastructure into the planning process as smoothly and efficiently as possible, we at KEBA are now providing BIM data of our charging stations. They include not only CAD data and dimensions but also other important product details such as connection conditions, product features, norms, and standards. This makes it significantly easier for our partners to map out the charging infrastructure.

Download BIM/CAD data from and import into Revit

The big advantage of product choice based on BIM data

This is not just about accurately depicting a desired product. Much rather, the advance retrievability of BIM data helps you to look for the right product, as you can filter by product details – thus eliminating time-consuming searches through the info sheets of various manufacturers.

How to retrieve KEBA’s BIM data

Our products’ BIM data were developed together with cadenas and can now be imported directly from common software tools such as Revit, ARCHICAD or ALLPLAN via an interface. A valid license is sufficient to access BIM databases. You can also access our BIM data through online catalogues like and Additionally, you can find the right KEBA wallbox at and download the corresponding data there.

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