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KeContact P30 promises maximum compatibility

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KEBA KeContact is compatibility writ large. And so, the KeContact P30 is a wallbox that can be swiftly and conveniently connected to a multitude of systems. Pick any provider—this charging station works smoothly with virtually all their products.

KEBA is synonymous with compatibility

Whether for interaction with a cloud, energy management system, or smart home, you should be able to integrate your wallbox effortlessly into a variety of systems. And it shouldn’t matter whether you’ve chosen VARTA, Loxone, ChargePoint, Clever-PV, Fronius, or FENECON. After all, users should expect their charging station to fit into an existing system without hassle. And that’s exactly what the KeContact P30 does.

With which systems is the KeContact P30 compatible?

Not only is the KeContact P30 from KEBA compatible with established and well-known systems but also works with products from smaller providers. This allows for integration into a wide range of energy-storage, photovoltaic, KNX, load-management, and backend systems. After all, we’re always working to make our products compatible with all current systems.

Is a KEBA wallbox able to do KNX?

Yes. Both the KeContact P30 x-series and the c-series are KNX-enabled. This means that our charging solution can be swiftly and smoothly integrated into the electrical power supply’s intelligent bus system. In conjunction with system providers like BAP Technology or Enertex Bayern, you are therefore able to smart-control not only your house’s lighting, heating or alarm system but also your wallbox.

KEBA is compatible with these systems

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