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A wallbox can do much more than is commonly believed. Depending on its features, it al-lows using self-produced PV energy, transferring data via 4G, or evaluating individual charg-ing sessions. To find the right model quickly, we are now offering our convenient Wallbox-Finder.

Support in choosing among many wallbox variants

No two wallboxes are alike. Some devices have a fixed Type 2 charging cable, others a con-nector. Some wallboxes are designed for simple charging, others communicate with the PV system, and still others allow local load management, can be controlled via web interface, or have their own integrated 4G modem. Many more options are available, but not everyone needs the full range of features. To cut your search for the perfect charging station short, we are offering our convenient Wallbox-Finder.

The right wallbox is only a few clicks away

Our Wallbox-Finder is suited for newcomers to the world of electromobility as well as ex-perts – and even for sales reps. It makes no difference whether you are looking for a charg-ing station at home or for wallboxes for your company’s fleet or your own hotel parking lot. Using the Wallbox-Finder is simple: Just answer a few straightforward multiple-choice ques-tions and get the perfect product result from all available KEBA models. Alternatively, you can choose to be guided through the questions in the Wallbox-Finder and get product rec-ommendations that best suit your particular situation.

Info boxes for the right long-term product choice

KEBA’s Wallbox-Finder provides an info box for each question and multiple-choice answer that explains why the question is important or relevant and what the particular device fea-ture does. This prevents you from prematurely opting against a feature that might be need-ed further down the road. Certified charging station gauging, for instance, is the basis for passing on accrued energy costs to future tenants or the employer – and thus crucial for fu-ture-proofing your wallbox. Hence, the Wallbox-Finder supports, in a hands-on approach, your search for the right charging station and even saves you money with its far-sighted needs assessment.

Discover our Wallbox Finder (video in German):


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