KEBA doubles sales within 20 months

Milestone: 500,000 wallboxes sold

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At the beginning of 2021 we sold the 250,000th wallbox. Just 20 months later, this number has doubled to half a million. The reason behind this: the specialisation in intelligent charging technology and consistently climate-neutral production at the site in Linz.

Pioneer for eMobility

Innovative and durable charging solutions have been developed and produced at KEBA in Linz since 2009 as pioneers for electric mobility. This makes us one of the European pioneers in the field of charging infrastructure. A special feature then as well as today, is the in-house development of electronics as well as the production of electronics. This given depth of production ensures the highest quality, maximum safety and, above all, reliability.

Thanks to our innovative, intelligent, but at the same time durable and now also climate-neutral charging solutions, we have strengthened our position as one of the leading European wall box manufacturers.

Christoph Knogler
CEO KEBA Energy Automation

500,000 wallboxes for CPOs, companies and private users

The steep increase in charging stations sold makes it clear how important the eMobility sector has become at KEBA: the first KEBA wallbox was presented in 2009, and the 250,000th was sold in 2021. Only 20 months later, our sales figures already exceeded the mark of 500,000. This boom is of course related to the increasing demand for electric vehicles – but also to the popularity of our wallboxes.

Our products are particularly valued by many charging park operators (CPOs) and companies. Because they impress with their reliability, security and connectivity and thus their excellent suitability for load management and the billing of the charged energy. Of course, private users also benefit from the intelligence of our charging stations: They enable integration into a Smart Home and use of self-produced electricity from a photovoltaic system. New products like the company car wallbox also make it easy to bill for private electricity for company cars.

Climate-neutral is the key

We have long been sourcing purchased components for charging stations largely regionally with a clear focus on sustainability. This reduces transport distances and has a positive effect on the CO2 footprint. But in April 2021 we, for the first time, presented the climate-neutral wallbox KeContact P30 GREEN EDITION, which quickly became a bestseller. That is why we have made the decision to only sell climate-neutral charging solutions in DACH region from April 2022 and until the end of 2022 as a whole. And of course, the 500,000th wallbox was also produced in a climate-neutral manner – in Upper Austria.

The 500,000th wallbox as a sign of a common mission

We came up with something special for this specific wallbox number 500,000: the team asked itself who should receive and use this special item. The decision to go to the AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT, the heart of the Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative, was clearly made in terms of climate protection and sustainability. Since its inception in 2017, the Summit has grown into one of the largest and most far-reaching climate conferences in the world. The event offers a platform for successful projects and ideas that motivate, serve as a role model and connect people, companies and climate protectionists.

Setting clear signals from Austria for climate protection and spreading the word about sustainability is what connects us to the Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative. We are happy to be able to support the organisation and the team.

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