The new company car wallbox from KEBA

Passing on charging costs to the employer the easy way

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Electric company cars are often charged at employees' homes. The electricity used must be recorded separately from private consumption. With our new company car wallbox, we offer a charging station that enables automatic billing of the charging current with the employer.

With the company car wallbox, which complies with measurement and calibration regulations, all charging sessions are precisely recorded and stored for three months or, if desired, sent automatically to a stored email address on a monthly basis. This automated charging report is sent in the common file formats PDF and CSV. This means that the charging data can be read out manually and also automatically. In addition, the connection to an OCPP backend even makes it possible to link the system to a company's own accounting tool.

Identification by RFID card

If several electric vehicles are charged via a wallbox at home, a user identification via RFID card makes it possible to distinguish between private and company cars.

Connection with PV system, smart home system and eMobility App

The KEBA company car wallbox is not only capable of measuring charging currents and transmitting charging data. It is a connective charging station in every respect. It can be integrated into a smart home via WLAN and communicates with KEBA's own wallbox app (beta phase / planned release: mid-September 2022), which in turn provides information on the operating status and enables the charging station to be controlled. Ongoing free software updates are now also available "easy-to-use" via the KEBA app. Since the company car wallbox can also communicate with the energy management system of the house or the inverter of the PV system, the use of self-produced solar power is also no problem.

Reliable charging, even after power failure

In addition, this charging station from KEBA was also produced climate neutrally in Austria and - like all KEBA wallboxes - not only ensures convenient charging and billing, but above all is reliable in use. Thus, the wallbox automatically restarts after a power failure or other interruption and ensures sufficient charging as soon as the vehicle is needed again.

4 years: Extended warranty

For the company car wallbox, the warranty has also been extended by two years. All charging stations of this type therefore have a 4-year warranty.

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