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Do you have a hotel or a company and would like to bill for the energy that your guests, employees or customers charge into their electric cars? In this case we have an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for you: the KEBA eMobility Solution for Hotels & Companies.

Desktop application for easy billing

The KEBA eMobility Solution for Hotels & Companies is a desktop application which can be installed quickly and easily. As soon as it is connected to the local network of charging stations, it is ready to use. This does not require any complex hardware changes, just a KeContact P30 wallbox from the x-series or c-series (together with an x-series as master) with an RFID function. Once the software solution has been installed, it clearly shows how much energy was charged when, where, by whom and, above all, at what cost.

One software – many advantages

The software solution is an intuitively structured and cost-effective software solution. It impresses with many advantages:

  • Generation of user-specific reports on the charged energy including costs for billing to guests, customers and employees
  • Easy management of the RFID cards and personalization for guests, customers and employees
  • Works with all KeContact P30 x-series and c-series (in connection with an x-series as master) with RFID function
  • Integration of a charging network of up to 16 charging stations possible
  • Available in German, English, French, Italian, Polish and Swedish

Bill, manage and document with just a few clicks

With the KEBA eMobility Solution for Hotels & Companies the billing effort is reduced to a few clicks. It creates a report for each user (based on the RFID card used) about the total energy charged and its costs. This is done on the basis of the stored kWh price, which can be set user-specifically or generally. The report reliably generated by the solution can be exported as PDF or CSV and displayed directly on the hotel bill or payslip. If the connected charging stations comply with measurement and calibration law or are MID-certified, this is also recorded in the charging report. In this way, the charging costs incurred can be calculated easily, quickly and correctly.

Pay once, install and use

There are no running costs for using the desktop application – there is only a one-time license payment. The solution is available via our dealer network. The scope of delivery includes the license key for installing the software and 10 RFID cards.

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