Outstanding customer response at Munich trade show

That was Power2Drive 2022

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Our presence at Power2Drive in Munich made two things very clear: E-mobility has finally arrived in the mainstream of society. And with our current and upcoming products, we are fully prepared for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Inspiring atmosphere

Though the past year has seen some live trade shows, Power2Drive 2022 in Munich was the first opportunity for many to see customers and prospective buyers in the usual way and to talk to them about the latest development. That noticeably contributed to the trade show’s excellent overall atmosphere. Our topics were also more in demand than ever: a climate-neutral and sustainable charging infrastructure and the best-possible uses of self-produced energy. The broad interest also made it clear that e-mobility has finally arrived in the main-stream of society.

Load management & KeContact M20

The KEBA booth caused quite a stir with the load management controller KeContact M20, which makes it possible to manage up to 200 wallboxes and thus achieves the ideal compromise between a low building connection and a large number of charging points. The many informed questions about our new products have made it clear that demand in this area is very high – and how the KeContact M20 ensures better planning dependability.

Wallbox integration in existing energy management systems

No less great was the visitors’ interest in our smart products that are becoming increasingly important not only for companies but also for private citizens. For one, connecting the device to one’s own photovoltaic system (i.e. the possibility of excess PV charging) offers a reassuring amount of cost certainty in times of uncertain energy prices. What’s also becoming more and more important is a simple way to pass on the costs of charging – including the monitoring of the charging station via app or online portal (both will be launched by KEBA within the year).

KEBA stands for quality and service

We were especially excited about the feedback from our visitors – who emphasized that our products had the highest quality and reliability and valued our service as a big selling point. In the case of the latter, we have even increased our range: With our recently expanded lifecycle services such as the Wallbox-Finder, the exchange and repair service, and our training services, we at KEBA not only offer superior technology but also premium-level assistance, over many years.

Impressions from the KEBA booth


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