A green thank you to pioneers of the energy transition and eMobility

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We are convinced that the use of clean electricity for individual mobility instead of fossil fuels is a key element of the energy transition. We are not fighting the path to electric mobility alone. We have allies: special people who are committed to the electrification of mobility. The #GREENthankyou Award from KEBA is an award for these special personalities.

Together for a green future

We at KEBA Energy Automation are fully committed to sustainable electric mobility. And that is exactly why we have only been selling KEBA charging stations since 2022, which were produced in Austria in a climate-neutral manner. For KEBA Energy Automation CEO Christoph Knogler, however, this is just a step in the right direction: “We put ourselves to the test and have our corporate carbon footprint calculated. Our long-term goal is to become completely climate-neutral. That is ambitious, but from our point of view there is no other way out.” Our unconditional desire for sustainability does not stop at our own company, in the portfolio, in processes and above all in the daily use of resources.

What is the '#GREENthankyou’ wallbox?

Making the world a little more sustainable means not only paying attention to yourself and your actions, but also accompanying others on their way to more climate protection. There are many like-minded people around the world, and it is important to support them in their mission. That's why we at KEBA created the #GREENthankyou Award to make this platform available. Yet in spring 2022, we started nominating and presenting leaders in electric mobility for the award. This is how we put the spotlight on people who are paving the way for the electrification of mobility and for a greener and more sustainable future. The award is given several times a year by an internal KEBA committee made up of passionate people who consistently live and value our corporate purpose 'we energise sustainable technologies'.

Who will be awarded the green wallbox?

"With the '#GREENthankyou' wallbox, we want to thank those people who – like us – are driving the mission to shape a sustainable future and make remarkable contributions in terms of electric mobility and energy transition," explains Christoph Knogler, CEO of KEBA Energy Automation. We therefore award the wallbox, which has been refurbished and individually designed in the spirit of the circular economy, to people who put their heart and soul into driving e-mobility forward. "We appreciate the dialogue with the award winners and look forward to a fruitful exchange with them over the years. With each award, we expand our network and thus manage to bring people together who play an active role in energy transition. Because one thing is certain: no one can change the climate alone. Here it is important to unite strengths and ideas,” says Christoph Knogler happily.

“With the 'GREENthankyou wallbox' we want to thank people who – like us – are driving the mission of shaping a sustainable future and making remarkable contributions in terms of electric mobility and the energy transition.“

Christoph Knogler
CEO | KEBA Energy Automation

Our award winners

Christian Clerici

The first '#GREENthankyou' wallbox in July 2022 went to someone who had already completed his personal energy transition – from being a racing driver with petrol in his blood to a passionate multiplier of eMobility. Moderator, author and journalist Christian Clerici, who has been promoting electric mobility in German-speaking countries for years and, together with the company vibe, is making it accessible to the general public. In addition to his work at vibe, Christian Clerici is also committed to the breakthrough of eMobility in conjunction with Austrian tourism. With the series GTE – Gran Turismo Electric, he visits all nine Austrian federal states and puts pioneers in front of the camera there himself. As a hobby, investments are also made in the electrification of vintage cars. The current project here is the #ninefourteenelectric, which serves as a projection surface for co-creating companies, including KEBA, and shows the potential that eMobility brings to different industries.

Our #GREENthankyou to Christian Clerici

More about it

Our #GREENthankyou to Gianfranco Pizzuto

More about it

Gianfranco Pizzuto

Automobili Estrema CEO Gianfranco Pizzuto was awarded the '#GREENthankyou' wallbox in August 2022. He has been campaigning for electric mobility since 2007. He was an investor in Fisker Automotive, where he played a key role in shaping the history of the Fisker Karma hybrid sports car. In 2018 he was commissioned by Jaguar as Brand Ambassador for Italy for the launch of the Jaguar I-PACE. Today, Pizzuto is an internationally sought-after keynote speaker, columnist and eMobility influencer. But that's not all: with his company Automobili Estrema he is planning the launch of the Hypercar Fulminea in 2023 – a fully electric super sports car with over 2,000 hp and innovative battery technology that is otherwise only found in Formula e.

Reinhard Müller

A place for cooperation around decarbonisation and thus the energy transition, where leading players and innovative start-ups come together with institutions and other key stakeholders to shape the future together. And that in the middle of a European capital. Many people dream of such projects. He implemented it: Reinhard Müller, architect and entrepreneur, is the brains behind the unique EUREF Campus project in Berlin. In September 2022 we visited Mr. Müller and his team on campus to get an idea for ourselves. At the same time, we also fixed our participation in the next EUREF project in Düsseldorf, where from 2024 like-minded companies will find a new place to create.

Our #GREENthankyou to Sebastian Henßler

More about it

Sebastian Henßler

In January 2023 the successful series #GREENthankyou was continued and awarded to a true driver and enabler of eMobility - Sebastian Henßler. By collecting available news in the field of electric Mobility, Sebastian became a real expert. In June 2016 he took over Elektroauto-News.net, from that point on he has been publishing news and background reports on electric mobility ever since. Elektroauto-News.net is reaching a broad audience who is interested in new means of personal mobility and is therefore contributing to transfer relevant knowledge on “green means of transport”. What made Sebastian Henßler eligible for the KEBA #GREENthankyou award were not only his initiatives to “educate the public” but also his forward thinking and connecting mindset.

More will follow as there are many special people we will say thank you to in our green way.

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