From moderator to eMobility ambassador

Our #GREENthankyou to Christian Clerici

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With our #GREENthankyou wallbox, we want to thank personalities who – like us – are driving the mission of shaping a sustainable future and making remarkable contributions in terms of electric mobility and the energy transition. One of them is Christian Clerici – the Austrian eMobility ambassador.

Climate protection and sustainability are very important to us. And KEBA is not alone with that. We have many companions on the way to more climate neutrality, and we have to support them. That's why we created the 'GREEN Thank you' wallbox. A 100% climate-neutral, individually designed wallbox that has been refurbished in the spirit of the circular economy, which we lend to people who promote e-mobility with a lot of commitment and passion. The first award went to Christian Clerici.

From moderator to eMobility ambassador

Many people know Christian Clerici as a moderator. No wonder, since he has been in front of the camera for over 30 years. The Viennese primarily uses his reputation and his network to bring people closer to the importance of necessary transformations. As the creative mind at the mobility company vibe, he stages stories of change and thus motivates people to switch to electric cars. After all, vibe customers are provided with electric models from all brands – and at a subscription price that includes everything.

No fear of charging stations

But Clerici not only takes away the inhibition of e-cars from drivers through his commitment, but also those in front of the shop: "With an electric car, you 'fill up' where you are - sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. At home, it is connected to the grid overnight at low current and the next day it is full and, thanks to app control, also pre-air-conditioned. With honest ranges – depending on the model – from 280 to over 500 km, someone has to explain to me that that's not enough," says the moderator.

Grand Turismo Electric

More and more travellers are travelling electrically and are therefore choosing their accommodation based on the availability of charging stations. The climate and energy fund project Gran Turismo Electric takes on this topic and dedicates a 9-part documentary series to it. What does sustainability look like in Austrian tourism? Christian Clerici and vibe got to the bottom of this question and brought companies and initiatives in front of the camera that are promoting electric mobility in tourism. "Everywhere I meet people who not only know how to inspire, but also work on the vision of a better world with a lot of expertise, commitment and dedication. Which, by the way, is anything but a utopia, because if you look closely and don't let yourself be infected by the anxious and frustrating background noise, you realize that there is another way. And if this attitude becomes mainstream, then an incredible number of useful and good things should succeed!" says Clerici.

An excellent effort

It is not surprising that the first #GREENthankyou award goes to Christian Clerici, because his actions are characterized by ecological and sustainable convictions. “In the past, such thinking was the domain of those who walked around in Birkenstock shoes. Fortunately, this is no longer the case,” says Clerici happily. And we at KEBA are happy too. Because the award to the moderator is the first step on a long road of intensive cooperation.

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