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Independent tests by external experts, reviews, and user testimonials provide information about the strengths and weaknesses of a given product. They help consumers make informed decisions – and manufacturers become better. Here are the most recent test results about KEBA wallboxes.
Two KEBA wall boxes and retouched into the picture two ADAC seals of approval with the result "very good" from 2018 and "good" from 2022

Highest priority: safety & reliability

The 2018 wallbox survey by the German and Austrian automobile associations ADAC and ÖAMTC as well as the latest tests by the renowned German consumers organisation Stiftung Warentest in cooperation with ADAC have made one thing clear: Wallboxes by KEBA are all safe and reliable. Integrated safety mechanisms in all KEBA models make sure no people are harmed and that damages to the building’s electrical equipment as well as the car are prevented. Additionally, the automatic resumption of the charging process after a disruption – e.g. by a power outage during a nighttime thunderstorm – ensure that the electric vehicle charges reliably.

A big plus with KEBA: comprehensive features and short delivery time

Reviewing 14 wallbox models in 2021, the major German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) mentioned the understatement of KEBA wallboxes, which score all the more points with their inner power: “The look of the KeContact P30 x-series from KEBA is rather plain. Yet the wallbox has good features all round […].” The article adds: “That we recommend the 22-kW variant from KEBA is thanks to its considerably greater configuration possibilities. It leaves virtually nothing to be desired (in terms of features), and the delivery time is comparably short.” That is true, even though some tests did not notice it. The KEBA wallboxes are available with a connector or a six-meter cable, RFID user identification or openly accessible, with network connection or in a simple version – whatever the specific situation requires.

All KEBA wallboxes are serially equipped with a DC residual current detector. One tester at ladezubehör.de recently noted: “At the end of the day, this will save you hundreds of euros of installation costs.” This component is required as part of the installation but not automatically part of each wallbox.

KEBA P30 x-series ideal “for multifamily homes or the company parking lot”, says test

According to the FAZ’s wallbox test, the KEBA KeContact x-series is particularly well suited “wherever there is more than one wallbox, for instance in an apartment building”. There, the x-series wallbox can monitor several charging stations of the c-series, which allows real load management. And according to the wallbox review by allesbeste.de, this should be especially interesting for companies:

"The KEBA KeContact P30 (x-series: 105.155) is ideal for tenant communities or the company parking lot, as the x-series wallboxes can operate both as masters and as slaves in load management. Noone might have confidently expected the wallbox’s rather plain design to be packed with state-of-the-art technology, but it is a pleasant surprise."

Incidentally, the wallboxes of both the c-series and the x-series allow you to feed self-produced electricity from you own photovoltaic system directly into the vehicle battery. This so-called excess PV charging can “save a lot of money” (FAZ) in everyday life, because it reduces the purchase rate of additional “expensive electricity from the public grid” (wallbox-info.de).

Constructive criticism

Yet our products were not just heaped with praise. One criticism in individual test reports has been that there is still no app to control the KEBA wallboxes. We have taken this to heart and can now tell you that our very own wallbox app is coming soon, which will allow a comfortable management and supervision of all intelligent charging stations from KEBA via smartphone or tablet.

Last but not least: Qualität ‘Made in Austria’

That all KEBA wallboxes are manufactured in Linz, Austria, keeps not only the transportation routes short but also carbon emissions low. It is, as testers of ladezubehör.de noted, also a guarantee for “top-quality workmanship”.

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