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For over 50 years, we at KEBA have been working to increase the performance of our production in order to create competitive advantages.

Our production is a finely tuned system and follows the idea of lean production. By permanently searching for and eliminating activities that do not add value, we increase our efficiency and improve the quality of our products.

We work and orient ourselves in a value stream-oriented way. Breathing capacities and flow production are an important part of our production philosophy.

Our qualified employees are the strong foundation of our production system. Semi-skilled workers as well as skilled workers, technicians and technical trainees work hand in hand with us.

Beyond general mechanical engineering, KEBA Germany specialises in selected industries and strategic market segments such as CNC machine tools, turbo systems, intralogistics and pitch controls for wind turbines. Lean processes, maximum precision and the know-how of our employees are the cornerstone for providing our customers with the best possible solutions.

Our production is as diverse as our product range. Whether small or large, our production philosophy is consistent throughout and can be found everywhere. Continuous improvement at the point of action, short throughput times and a constant flow of materials are what distinguish us.

Jens Becker
Production manager at KEBA

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